The talented Haitian creative giving millennials a new vibe through podcasting | Carmen Pierre

Two years ago, Florida Memorial University school started a school radio show that incorporated anonymous letters from listeners looking for advice. This is where Carmen Pierre began her journey as a Podcaster. She was able to utilize her network and support on campus to turn her school radio show into something FMU hadn’t thought it could be despite the obstacles. Carmen Pierre a Podcaster from Miami, Florida is an up-and-coming Haitian Podcaster aiming to utilize her talents and influence to encourage other Haitian Creatives to utilize their creative talents.

“Times have changed. People are hipper to Haitian culture and the Haitian community nowadays. Society is expecting women to win, we are putting in that work. Balancing being a Haitian creative as well as being a part of American media comes with some struggle because those are two different lanes. I want to be able to merge the two without losing the essence and authenticity of either one” Carmen says. Utilizing her talents and the collaboration of her co-hosts to create No Cap, Nite Cap; her podcast that’s available on all streaming platforms. Creating a space for controversial topics mixed with a cool millennial vibe that just about any listener can enjoy.

Knowing the importance of exposure, collaboration and representation Carmen hosts a Haitian Creative Network annually, that allows creatives in Miami to get together, network, collaborate, and have fun on the beach. “This event is fun. It allows us to meet new creatives, collaborates with each other, catches up with creatives already on the scene, and utilize one another’s resources. We are working but we are having fun as well”. Pierre has a special project in the works that will ultimately be a Creative Studio for creatives in Miami to create, coexist, and collaborate. She hopes to launch soon, and she will also be offering creative consulting services.

Carmen Pierre’s unapologetic authenticity is not only showcased on her podcast but also through her Instagram feed. “I want to show people the journey. Most of the time on social media, you don’t necessarily see people’s journey; you see their accomplishments. Everything looks great but everything isn’t always great. I want people to see my journey. If I am struggling with something, I want viewers to see that because it’s real. Maybe they can learn from that, maybe we can learn together. I just want to be real and show the real journey and help others know they aren’t alone in their journey”. Showcasing her multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, fitness journey, and other things, she offers something that social media typically doesn’t offer; honest truth. Setting herself apart from other influencers she wants to a resource for others and a tool of encouragement to go for it no matter how hard it may be.

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