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Supporting Creatives for Free: Here is 17 Ways To Do It


joking. joking

or am I?

Everyday we hear creatives shout from rooftops how much support they do not receive. And I fear it is because people truly do not know that they can support creators, without dipping into their bag to do so. This could be you, the champion of creators where the monetary stars aren't aligning.

Not to mention, m toujou tande moun di ayisyen pa remen sipote lot moun! But, I do not believe that to be true! (That has to be the most bilingual thing I've ever done). Inspired by my own journey of feeling left out, here is 17 ways you can show up and show out for your friends for the free.99.

1. Follow them on social media: While we don't measure worth by follower counts, they do lend a hand. Plus, staying in the loop on their latest endeavors benefits everyone involved. Find your favorite online creators on other platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest if you're game.

2. Visit their website or profile: Clicks remind your friends that someone sees them.  It is a vote that boosts confidence! Boosting their online presence can pave the way for future opportunities and partnerships. And let's admit, seeing those visitor stats climb is a morale boost for any creator.

3. Like and/or comment on their work: Spread the positivity! Engaging with their content not only boosts their visibility but also lets them know their efforts are appreciated.

4. Leave a review/testimonial: If you've had a positive experience, share the love! On their Google, on their YouTube, on their Instagram. Where ever positive vibes can be shared, go for it! Your feedback could make all the difference for future customers.

5. Share their work: Your social circle might have deeper pockets! Sharing their work could lead to new opportunities and audiences.

6. Save it on Pinterest: A visual bookmark is a gentle nudge to revisit their work later. You can legit screenshot your friends work, make a pin on Pinterest, and link it back to their account. And boom, more love. Who knows, you might inspire someone else to become a fan too!

7. Send a word of encouragement: A little kindness goes a long way. If you admire what they're doing, drop them a line. Your encouragement could be just what they need to keep going.

8. Shop through their links: While it involves spending, it's money you were already planning to spend. Why not give them a small commission for the recommendation? It's a win-win situation.

9. Send mail: Snail mail is a timeless gesture of appreciation. Whether it's a kind note or a cherished book, it's a thoughtful way to connect.

10. Make a request: Got a brilliant idea? Share it! Your input could spark new inspiration and collaborations.

11. Ask local vendors to stock it: Support local businesses! Let your favorite shops know there's demand for their products.

12. Recommend them for collaborations/sponsorships: Spread the love around! Introduce your favorite creators to potential collaborators. Who knows what amazing partnerships could bloom?

13. Call out those who steal: Protecting intellectual property is crucial. If you spot someone stealing their work, speak up. We're all in this together.

14. Sign up for their newsletter/email list: Stay informed and connected. Being on their email list ensures you won't miss out on their latest updates and offerings. But, you are also giving them more opportunities because for every subscriber, there is a chance and opportunity handed their way.

15. Talk about them: Word of mouth is a powerful tool! Spread the word to your network about your favorite creatives and businesses.

16. Schedule a co-working session with them: Literally talking to someone other than yourself is good for your health. Imagine what that will mean for your creator friend.

17. Share your insights with them on their service or products: Before you are their friend, you are a consumer. It is so important to tell them what you think as someone who maybe interested in what they are offering, This is reassurance that they are not alone but, also, inside look into what someone may need or want from them.

I can not be the only girl obsessed with supporting my girls and homeboys. So, what other ways do you suggest for showing support? We're all ears for your insights. And to our creators, feel free to share this with your circle so they can join in on the support train. Let's keep the momentum going!

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1 Comment

Ketsia Henry
Ketsia Henry
Apr 24

What a great post! I agree with all of these, there are so many ways to show support that don’t involve money. Sending a DM about how much you enjoyed a piece of their content, sharing it on your stories, or just encouraging them is so important! These small gestures help us feel like we’re not just posting content into the void.

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