The First Digital Awards Crafted for Haitian Creatives and Influencers

Updated: Jan 15

The Haitian Creatives Awards is a Digital Content Series by online influencer hub Haitians Who Blog. The platform started the Haitian Creative Collective Awards back in 2017 to recognize and honor Haitian Creatives curating dope content. Over the years, the curator noticed a flaw in the digital awards and decided to shift gears in the direction of recognizing all niche populations exclusive to the HWB Tribe.

Overall, the 2019 Haitian Creative Collective Awards goal expanded to acknowledging the deep work of Haitian creatives who not only have an impact online, but those who have a strong presence in their community. With over 3000 nominations and 4500 votes, here is the inaugural class of 2019 Haitian Creative Collective Awards bought to you by Haitians Who Blog, LLC:

2019 Honorees

Nathalie Jean-Baptiste Author of the Year

Kathy Odisse Best Beauty Creative

Zoe Poze Comedian of the Year

Elsa Senat Best Fitness Creative

Peggy Exume Best Health and Wellness Creative

Young Atlanta Haitians Best Instagram Community

Joyce Philippe Journalist of the Year

Claire Jermie Best Lifestyle Creative

Lekol, Legliz, Lakay Podcast of the Year

Bleeve Poet of the Year

Anith Benjamin Best Style Creative

Sabatini Ferdinand Best Travel Blogger

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