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Discover Haitian Creatives: Haitians Bridging Gaps on American Soil

Anith Benjamin a West Palm Beach, Florida transplant from Haiti is bridging gaps in her local community. Holding a bachelor’s degree from Florida A&M University and a master’s degree in public administration from Barry University; Benjamin has utilized her academic achievements, experience, and dreams to bridge a much-needed gap.

I was never certain about my career goals as a child. But one element in my life has remained constant, I always knew I wanted to give back and that I was interested in starting my own nonprofit organization when I was wealthy. The funny thing about life is that sometimes the things you want just don't happen the way you plan them—they just do, according to God's plan for your life, “Anith explains. Anith founded her non-profit organization earlier than expected. In 2019, Benjamin founded her nonprofit Golden Vie. Golden Vie Incorporated is a non-profit organization that centers, providing academic and financial resources to Haitian and Haitian American students in the community. Their programming aims to provide assistance to students and cultivate a community of belonging.

...sometimes the things you want just don't happen the way you plan them—they just do, according to God's plan for your life. -Anith Benjamin

With the help of the Haitian community, Anith could turn her dreams into reality. “There are very few resources in our community for Haitian students. It has been amazing to see the support we’ve been shown. My proudest moment as the Founder of Golden Vie Inc. was when we completed our first service activity in 2019. We accepted dorm goods for a college freshman. Seeing the Haitian community band together to support a student in need was heartwarming. Remembering how thankful the recipient's mother was is what drives me to continue Golden Vie’s mission” Anith explains.

Some of their notable programs and offerings are The Golden Vie Prom Project. This project sponsors a Haitian High School senior with a 3.0 GPA from the prom experience. Providing prom dress, hair, and makeup services. The Haitian Student Dorm Drive is a program that provides a low-income Haitian student that holds a 3.0 GPA minimum, with college supplies and materials for their dorm. “I am most excited about our 5th Annual Golden Vie Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a Haitian student in South Florida that holds a minimum 3.0 GPA. The recipient will be awarded $1000.00 scholarship and a laptop. The scholarship can increase or decrease depending on how much money we raise as an organization” Anith says. With the help of the Haitian community and the help of Haitian businesses, more funds and support can be awarded to students.

For more information, get involved with Golden Vie Inc.



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