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Social Media Tools to Balance Work, Life, and Being a Creative/Influencer in 2020

The greatest question that we receive is how do you manage a full-time job, while navigating the the ships of life (family, romantic and intimate relationships, friends, kids), and being a creative. And, there is no true way to go about managing the many twists and turns of your life, but, there are tools and resources to make it easier. Here what we use:

Scheduling Tools

We are managing a full-time business here while allowing our full-time job to provide for the business. To do that, we have to be intentional and prepared with our content. So we schedule everything out. And I mean, EVERYTHING. We have to prepare our content ahead of time to meet our partnership needs and to develop our content creation strategies and marketing skills in hand. One app that has been helpful with that is Later .

Later in 2020
Tools for influencers to scale Instagram in 2020

Later is an online social media scheduling tool for your major social networks. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the social networks available for you to utilize and pre-plan your content, schedule out your posting days, and save common captions or hashtags.

They have free to paid options depending on how may post you plan to make within the month. In the free version you are allowed up to 30 posts and 3 social platforms. Because we are an Instagram community, we have to increase our purchasing power. With that in mind, if you have registered your blog or your brand name as an LLC, be mindful that this can be included in your marketing and supplies budget when filing your taxes. Thus, giving you a deduction off your annual tax return.

Why Later?

We have been able to use this to focus on visually scheduling our content, media management, marketing, and gather analytics. This has saved us so many hours in content planning and give us more time to focus on the administrative side of our platform.

Pair using Later and creative tools, you will sure be able to scale your Instagram in no time.

If you are a Haitian Creative and you are looking to improve your time load, reduce procrastination, and maintain consistency, consider downloading and signing up for Later.

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