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Instagram Hack: The Best Apps for Haitian Creatives to Scale their Instagram

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

By: Lori SR | Edited by: Shirley Dor

Lifestyle Creative and Advanced Photographer Lori gives us some tips on how to optimize and scale your Instagram aesthetic using mobile applications made for creatives.

1. If you’re into keeping your IG feed uniform, the UNUM Design app lets you plan your feed. You can see how your feed would look like based on the pictures you’re choosing to post next. I have given up on doing that but it can be quite useful to.

2. Lightroom Mobile lets you edit pictures straight on your phone. You can even create your own presets. It is by far my favorite app to use for this page.

3. VSCO is a good photo editing app. You can even post your photos on their platform and participate in their challenges for a chance to be featured.

4. The Tezza app lets you edit photos and videos alike. I love the video editing features that they have so I mostly use it for quick videos. You can add captions to photos or cool video effects.

5. The Mojo app lets you edit your insta stories. You’ll find many templates there that helps you create animated videos for your insta stories.

6. The Lens Distortions app lets you add cool features to your pictures like rain, fog, clouds, and other effects.

7. The Photoshop app has some good editing tools to allow your edits on the go.

Check our Haitian Creative Lori on Instagram to learn more lifestyle creative hacks.

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