Seeing to Self-Care by Carine Emile-Joseph

"Self-care practices promote healthy relationships for the benefit of our physical, mental, and emotional health," writes Carine Emile-Joseph in her book Seeing to Self-Care: A guide to Self Exploration and Restoration.

Joseph, a Mental Health Counselor and Certified Life Coach, advocates for self-care in different aspects and various life experiences, such as young professionals, entrepreneurs, and married couples.

Seeing to Self-Care is a guide to taking care of oneself as a lifestyle change and a therapeutic practice. 2020 was a challenging year for all of us; our homes became schools, offices, gyms, daycare & eldercare centers, and everything in between. The caveat, though, was the lack of escapism. Our worlds overlapped with work/school invading our homes; the adytums that were once comfort zones became shared spaces with Zoom. While we are stretched thin, the practice of self-care--specific actions that promote, preserve, or improve a person's health--is necessary for everyone.

Carine Emile-Joseph provides an attainable, step-by-step reference to making yourself the priority. However, we should know that there is no one way to self-care. How we take care of ourselves and what helps all depends on our specific

needs, interests, and abilities. For example, running is a great stress-reliever, with long runs providing the time and space to clear out all thoughts and anxious feelings. But for a non-runner, the idea of running miles is far from soothing.

Seeing to Self-Care is a good read for anyone starting a self-care journey. Joseph also provides valuable resources and information for people seeking more help and assistance from mental health professionals. After a year of social distancing and quarantining, this is essential.

The writing is straightforward and uncomplicated. It's an easy, super quick read. Please note that the author does mention biblical references and Christian clergy, which might put off non-Christian readers, but the information remains the same.

M Marsha Piard


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