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Meet the Founder of Krem au Krem | Ashley Duverneau

Ashley Duverneau is the founder of Krem au Krem, a Haitian company specializing in natural hair and skincare products focusing on hydration, longevity, and health.

Battling lifelong eczema, Ashley noticed that store-bought skincare products left her skin even drier. Through experimenting with various natural products, she found recipes that worked for her.

Ashley's talents transformed into a business during graduate school with the help of her #1 supporter, her mom. "In 2018, I was creating body butter for my family and me. My mom loved it so much she began selling jars at work. After that, the demand for products took off." On February 28, 2019, Krem au Krem, LLC officially launched, and Ashley has not looked back since.

Her Haitian background plays a crucial role in her life and business. "Krem au Krem is Haitian down to its name and its origin. Haitians have always used herbs and plant-based ingredients to cure and treat diseases, illnesses, and skin conditions. In my case, I went to my roots, Ayiti, for a "cure" for my eczema, dry skin, scalp, and more."

Ashley says she is blessed to be on this journey, and her aspirations keep her going. "Krem au Krem is bigger than me. It is about leaving a legacy of healing through my products. I give glory to God and my parents, who are the driving force behind everything I do and have been beyond supportive."

While Ashley says the future of Krem au Krem is in God's hands, she plans to continue reaching others through her products in multiple capacities. "In the next 5-10 years, I envision my products on store shelves, having my storefront for the Krem Krew to shop in-person, and expanding my team to continue producing natural, plant-based, skin and hair products.

Ashley reflects on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and tells aspiring business owners always to do what is best for their brand and never underestimate their milestones. "Success isn't going to come easily. Not everything planned is executed, and be ready to pivot at all times. Those three points are the things that keep me going because we are all running our own marathon, so enjoy every moment of joy, success, and disappointment because growth is at the end of that marathon."

You can learn more about Krem au Krem and shop for many natural products on their official website.



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