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The Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin 2022

In my opinion, lipstick is the most important part of makeup. This accessory can be used to enhance a makeup look or to create its own look. Whether you prefer matte, satin, semi-matte, or any other finish, every woman should have at least one lipstick that suits her complexion. As a woman with dark skin, I'm sharing the best lipstick shades for dark skin of 2022.

Black woman wearing Milani's Fetish Matte Lipstick in Poppy

The iconic red

Let’s start with the classic red . When I wear red lipstick, the sexy, confident Saika takes control of my body. I know it's just makeup, but I swear the red lipstick completely takes me out of my comfort zone. I've tried several, but Milani's color fetish matte in Poppy is my current favorite. It’s an ultra-pigmented and creamy lipstick that has a soft velvety-matte finish that is super comfortable and long-lasting. For me, it’s the perfect red, and it’s only $9.99 on Milani’s website.

Dark woman wearing Pat McGrath Labs Mcmenamy matteTrance lipstick

The bold deep burgundy

Next, it’s the bold deep burgundy. That is a must-have for fall and winter. It’s a color that makes me feel fierce, invincible, and seductive. Just like the red, it wakes up the sexiness in me. Currently, I’m using the Mcmenamy matteTrance from Pat McGrath labs. It is a lightweight, smooth matte lipstick that's comfortable, highly pigmented, and long-lasting. It is more expensive, but with a little patience, you can have it on the site at a discounted price.

Dark woman wearing Milani Sensual Lipstick

The rich brown/chocolate

As a black woman, finding good deep chocolate can be a challenge. From my experience, I found it easier to shop online as some stores don’t carry certain shades, unfortunately. I like the Milani color fetish matte lipstick in Sensual because even if it's an espresso shade, I can see myself wearing it easily daily. The whole color fetish matte line from Milani has the same finish, comfortability, and durability. For the price, it's a great deal.

The brown nude

This is my go-to everyday lipstick when I do a natural makeup look and don’t want to wear lip gloss. Sometimes I wear it alone or with brown lip liner, another must-have in everyone's makeup bag. Once again, I found my joy at Milani. The shade I am wearing is Desire from the color fetish matte line. It’s luxury quality at a drugstore price.

The pink nude

This is one of the lightest shades of my collection. Like the brown nude, I like wearing it for my everyday makeup look. I love the fact that I can mix it with darker shades to create an ombre lip. The one I'm wearing in the picture is the 23 Copper Blush, a cream lip stain liquid lipstick from the Sephora collection. This one it’s more matte than the other ones. It is comfortable, but it can easily dry your lips if you don’t hydrate them properly. This lipstick is transfer-proof, dries quicker and lasts longer.

The eye-catching pink

This one it’s for my bold ladies. It's a bright fuchsia lipstick that looks good on my skin tone, but the introverted Saika isn’t confident to wear it. It’s the type of shade that catches the attention of a lot of people, and I don’t want to deal with it often. Other than that, it is giving. I'm wearing Full Panic from the matteTrance line from Pat McGrath labs.

Now, let's swatch the lip sticks and see how they look on dark skin. Watch the full video.

Lip care

Taking care of your lips is as important as taking care of your face. Especially if you prefer matte lipsticks, the smoother the canvas is, the better the lipstick will look. Once a week, you can scrub your lips while doing your weekly deep skincare routine. The best part is that you do not need to buy a lip scrub, some sugar mixed with a few drops of oil/honey will do the work perfectly.

To hydrate and nourish my lips, I love using a lip mask. The one I've been using for years now, it’s the Laneige lip sleeping mask from Sephora. I use it every day, day and night, to fight the dryness of my lips. When I don’t wear lipstick, and I want my lips to be juicy, I use lip oil. For me, it is between makeup and skincare. I love how plump and smooth it leaves my lips. It has a glossy finish but not too much like lip gloss.

What about you? What are your favorite lipsticks?



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