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Haitian Creative Kainthia Delcasse Crowned Florida Miss at National American Miss Pageant

Black pageant queen being crowned on stage by another woman in a gown
Image courtesy of Kainthia Delcasse.

Kainthia Delcasse, a young and talented Haitian creative, was recently crowned Florida Miss at the National American Miss Pageants 2023. The pageant is known for promoting inner beauty and leadership skills in young women, and Kainthia exemplified these qualities throughout the competition.

The National American Miss Pageants are a platform for "Today's Girl" and "Tomorrow's Leaders," offering a program based on inner beauty, poise, and presentation. The pageant also promotes an "All American Spirit" of fun for family and friends. Kainthia embodied these values, shining on stage as a true leader.

Hailing from Port-Au-Prince Haiti, what set Kainthia apart, however, was her advocacy for proper mental health care in the Haitian community. Kainthia aspires to earn a PhD in Psychology to develop a therapist directory that awards scholarships to the Afro diaspora to gain access to mental health. Her dedication to mental health awareness, not only in her community, but also for the Afro-Diaspora, showcased her passion for being a compassionate leader.

Black woman at a pageant in a gown on stage
Image courtesy of Kainthia Delcasse.

Her commitment to mental health advocacy, leadership, and dedication to education makes her an excellent role model for young girls in all communities, especially the Afro diaspora.

We cannot wait to see what Kainthia accomplishes as she continues to pursue her dreams of earning a PhD in Psychology and promoting mental health in the Haitian community. Kainthia is a true inspiration and a model of excellence for young women everywhere.



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