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Haitian Ladies Weekend 2023 Cultivating Celebration, Community, and Connection

When you think about networking events and conferences, one often thinks of stuffy, suit-and-tie functions, where industry jargon is thrown around loosely, catered food doesn’t satisfy the hunger pains and long days in conference rooms. While times have changed, networking events have become more elevated, in that the experiences shared during these events make you question, “Is this really a conference”? It’s exciting to see organizations elevating their event curation and hosting events that make attendees want to return. It’s especially exciting to see this happening for Haitian organizations.

Haitian Ladies Network is an organization for Haitian women by Haitian women. Specifically, the Haitian Ladies Network is a vibrant community of Haitian women united by a shared mission of empowerment, cultural celebration, and sisterhood. Through events, networking, and advocacy, they create spaces for connection and growth while celebrating Haitian women's rich heritage and achievements. Allowing the everyday Haitian woman, to embrace their multidimensional selves while finding community and pouring into one another. Haitian Ladies Network is the epitome of "You Are Your Ancestor's Wildest Dreams" in a community organization forum.

Like other organizations, Haitian Ladies Network has a premier event that takes place annually. Haitian Ladies Weekend, typically taking place in the fall is the event that Haitian women don’t want to miss. Haitian Ladies Weekend evolved from the development of a Haitian Ladies brunch almost two decades ago and has blossomed into a full weekend of hosted events that now take place annually in Washington D.C. Haitian Ladies Weekend is now a 3-day event culminating in a global platform of Haitian women who come together to learn from each other, network, rejuvenate themselves, and find ways to make connections while building community and uplifting one another. Attendees can anticipate a dynamic experience at Haitian Ladies Weekend, featuring empowering workshops, cultural celebrations, networking opportunities, inspiring speakers, and entertainment. It's a vibrant and lively space to connect, learn, and celebrate Haitian culture and sisterhood. If you can’t celebrate culture and sisterhood anywhere else, you will most certainly do it here.

This year's Haitian Ladies Weekend took place October 6-8th. Some of the weekend highlights were Friday’s afternoon Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture tour followed by an evening opening reception & cultural celebration at the host hotel. This year’s live performance will be from PAP Jazz ft. Pauline Jean.

Haitian Ladies Network has curated several breakout sessions to enhance your experience. Providing attendees with more than just information but experiences that leave lasting impressions, building the anticipation for next year’s event. Saturday morning will begin with a yoga session. Attendees will also enjoy a forum encompassing various topics like engaging with Haiti, Real Tech Talk, and financial management specifically related to retirement and estate planning. And lastly, the HerStory segment that spotlights Haitian Ladies with amazing stories of inspiration. Attendees will also have the opportunity to shop the exciting pop-up curated by Bien Abyé and support Haitian women-led businesses. Concluding the evening with cultural celebrations and immersions with dancing and music. Attendees will wrap up this event by attending the 18th annual Haitian Ladies Brunch on Sunday.

As our community grows, and as Haitian women continue to bridge gaps, excel, and uplift, the need for organizations like Haitian Ladies Network continues to become prominent. This organization provides Haitian women with a community and support that many wouldn’t have imagined seeing in their lifetime. Haitian Ladies Network and their premier event Haitian Ladies Weekend promises a weekend of empowerment, cultural celebration, and meaningful connections among women of Haitian descent. It pledges to provide a supportive environment where attendees can learn, grow, and celebrate their shared heritage. This is an event you don’t want to miss and an organization that every Haitian woman needs to be a part of.

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