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Discovering Haitian Creatives: 17 Haitian Influencers to Follow for Beauty Inspiration

Updated: May 30, 2023

I started consuming beauty content as a teenager around 14-15 years old. At the time, everything happened mainly on YouTube and on blogs. This is where I learned that water was actually my coily hair's friend and not the opposite as everyone around me had always made me believe. My interest in makeup grew thanks to these many tutorials that I devoured every weekend. Back then, I remember looking several times for Haitian YouTubers to identify with. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any. Over the years I began to discover them, and it made me the happiest girl. Representation matters!

The quality of the content and the value of the content are what motivates me to follow content creators religiously. Specifically, what emerges from the creator, their personality, their values ​. , and more. With social media it, we've established strong attachments to strangers, whom we even come to call our virtual friends. Check out these 17 Haitian influencers you should follow.


Instagram @_curiozite_

The first thing you notice when you go on Hanna’s social media is her big smile and her joy of living. She creates content on natural hair maintenance, makeup and recently a bit of lifestyle; and you can see that she is passionate about it. I like to watch her vlogs on YouTube because that's where you can see the essence of her personality and in my opinion that's what makes her so endearing.


Haitian Beauty Creative Anael Hector in a car
Anael Hector courtesy of Instagram page

Instagram @anaelhector

When I think of Anaël as a content creator, I immediately think of her editing skills. She is improving day by day to give her community the best. She did a lot of fashion content in the beginning but now I'm always on the lookout for her beauty content. I like the fact that she is authentic, original and creative.


Instagram @vanessacene

Vanessa is our girlie! She shares with us all her good finds and beauty tips. She talks about fragrances, makeup, skin care and hairstyles. She is relatable and shares her days as they are. She shows the real life and not the perfect life that some influencers want to sell. She is driven to succeed as seen in her actions.


Instagram @exotic_roots

When I need to break down hair products I go to Lynn-Cha's YouTube channel. She talks about the maintenance of natural hair, by emphasizing the usefulness of the products. She tests different products and shares her reviews so that we don't buy products that may not work for us. Whether you are in transition, whether you want to maintain your curls, whether you want to straighten your hair without having heat damage, you will find a video on her YouTube channel to guide you.


Instagram @hermanthaa.l

Hermantha got you for everything about natural hair. She walks us through the process of taking care and styling her hair. If you are looking for a creator to educate you on type 4 hair and help you love and embrace your kinks and coils, she is your girl!


Instagram @styleofcatalina

Persevering and passionate, that’s how we would describe Catalina. She started sharing her passion about makeup years ago on snapchat and has improved the quality of her content significantly since. One thing that remains is her love for red and pink lips which suit her perfectly.


Looking for simple hairstyles inspirations that you can actually do by yourself? Look no further, Kristina is your girl. She also shares healthy natural hair care tips and also her love story with her hair. Her videos are edited in a way that will keep you entertained while learning.


Instagram @selfcarecoka

Kahina is a licensed esthetician that uses her platforms to educate on skincare (face and body). If you want to take better care of your skin by choosing the right products for your needs, Kahina will simplify everything for you.

Esther is the creator you go to on her page for wigs inspiration. She will help you to install your wig step by step and show you how to style it like a pro. She also creates makeup and fashion content.


Instagram @ehlieluna

Looking for professional makeup tutorials and makeup tricks? You will find that and more on Ehlie’s platforms. She is a pro makeup artist that shares dark skin friendly makeup tutorials,tips and tricks. From natural to artistic/graphic looks you’ll find your inspiration.


Instagram @chrissydastine

Christelle is the queen of buns, especially braided buns and high buns. She made protective styling look so easy to do by yourself. From time to time she shares natural hairstyles and makeup tutorials. Her recent posts are mostly about fashion so if you are interested in that too, show her some love.


Haitian Creative Jasmine Rose holding her earring
Jasmine Rose courtesy of Instagram

Jasmine combines beauty and wellness. She proves to us that it is possible to be beautiful, to use cosmetics products without compromising our health. Her page is all about clean beauty and non toxic living.



Falonne is a self-taught makeup artist that is helping others to also be better at this art that she now masters. Beautiful makeup starts with a good base. Since last year she has started to regularly share her skin care routines with us to have a beautiful, even and luminous skin texture.


Instagram @naezrahloks

Naezrah is a very talented artist. Her signature is colorful graphic eye makeup looks. Her Halloween makeup looks are phenomenal! She is also the talent behind several SZA eye makeup looks and has recently modeled for a campaign with Milk makeup.


Instagram @cocoe_mua

She is one of the most talented makeup artists in Haiti. She is known for her creative and illusion makeup looks. If you are in Haiti and are looking for a makeup artist for your special occasions, a movie, children’s party, etc. You have to book Taina.


Instagram @thecherystv

You want to know which fragrances to wear for every occasion, fragrances reviews, best fragrances dupes, fragrances layering? When it comes to perfumes, everything you need can be found on Abigaille platforms. She also creates makeup and skincare content, but she is mainly known for her love and passion for fragrances. You can find shorter videos on her TikTok and Instagram accounts and more in-depth videos on her YouTube channel.


Shanygne loves playing with makeup and loves talking about makeup. She has made many reviews on the most popular makeup brands. Her series on foundation hunting is one of the most popular ones on her YouTube. Finding the right type of foundation and shade is the most important thing in makeup as it is the base of everything else. All the success of this series is based on the fact that Shanygne is very dark skinned which makes the quest for the right foundation even less obvious. These reviews help people who follow her lot, by letting them know which brands to turn to.

Haitians Who Blog has been doing an incredible job of shedding light on Haitian content creators for years, and their work has not gone unnoticed. Thanks to their efforts, I have come across some amazing Haitian beauty creators on social media, whose talents deserve recognition. I hope that by sharing these names, more people will discover and support the incredible work being done by Haitian creators. Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments.



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