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#BuyHaitian| 50+ Haitian-Owned Businesses to Shop and Gift This Holiday Season | 2022

In the past year we have witnessed a surge of Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses taking to social media to strengthen their online presence, build economic wealth, and closing the United States’ Black–white wealth gap. Despite the increase, there are still barriers to business building for Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses.

To aid in that gap, we are shining a spotlight on Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses you can support and celebrate this holiday season!

Editor's Pick

Aromatic Perfume Oils | World-class fragrance company

Aromatic Perfume Oils  | Haitian-owned businesses | Haitians  Who Blog
  • Aromatic Perfume is a handcrafted fragrance brand that celebrates women with long lasting, oil-based perfumes. Our delightful fragrances are alcohol-free, vegan, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic! Our mission is to spark joy, helping people smell good and feel their best with unique scents!

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Jaden Timoun | Haitian-owned businesses | Haitians Who Blog

Jaden Timoun | Language Immersion Program

  • Jaden Timoun is a Kreyòl Language Immersion Program for children ages 12 and under. We offer online classes for children and their families to learn Kreyòl through culturally relevant music, dance, arts & crafts and more. Jaden Timoun also recently published a collection of original short stories titled in Haitian Creole titled "Rakontay Vèdi: Verite sou Tanbou nan Jaden Timoun".

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Nyella| Luxury Swimwear and Resortwear

Nyella  | Haitian-owned businesses | Haitians  Who Blog
  • Nyella provides luxury wwimwear and resortwear. Offering colorful and unique pieces where women can feel confident and be the main character in their lives.

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Aeva Beauty

  • Aeva Beauty is a diverse black owned brand, that offers 100% cruelty free multi-purpose highlighter shades and quality beauty products that's inclusive to all hues and skin complexions, we are all creators, we just need the right products to showcase it.

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Michelle's Beauty Essentials

  • Building confidence for men and women, through beauty products. Their latest product is the Asosi Body and face bar, also known as Cerasee. This face bar helps treat eczema, itchy dry skin, fights acne (face, chest, and back acne) and soothes rashes.

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Levie's Essential Care

  • WithLovePromise sells luxurious scented candles that are all handmade and natural.

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Mezanmi Hair Butter

  • 100% natural & Organic non clogging hair butter. Great sealant, leave in conditioner & scalp treatment showing great results for healthy hair. A registered nurse providing all-natural skin/hair health education.

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  • Moulate 6 brand desires to align its cosmetic line with the genesis of the original creation of beauty by God. Exclusively created for the modern person. Perfect finishing touches in a variety of exciting, mouthwatering colors, and premium products.

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  • Skincare and body care products that’s moisturizing and effective for dry skin and/or hyperpigmentation.

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London Luxxe

  • London Luxxe is a high quality, yet affordable hair extension boutique. We offer Ready to Ship Wigs, also hair bundles, frontals and closures in various lengths and textures. Our hair is a guaranteed investment with proper hair car and maintenance. Perfect for a night out, vacation, a self-esteem boost, or whatever you feel in the moment. A minimal application process for a very flawless finish.

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Luxy Mind and Body

  • We are an all-natural soap business that provides handmade products created with 100% natural ingredients. Our products are formulated to provide aroma therapy and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

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Jeune Skin

  • Jeune Skin is an all-natural skincare line founded by two Haitian American females from Long Island, New York. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality ingredients in all of our products that give amazing results! Our luxurious skin care products promote ageless, glowing fresh skin. Indulge in our raw, organic, paraben free & chemical free products to unleash your true JEUNE SKIN!

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Cocktail Cosmetix | vegan, paraben free & cruelty free lipsticks

  • Makeup Hour is the NEW Happy Hour! 🥂 Cocktail Cosmetix is lipstick and lip liner brand with a colorful array of options for people of color!

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KBTS Bodycare| Handmade natural body care products

  • Handmade natural Bodycare products bringing black history to our beauty care.

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Haitian Gold Cosmétiques | handcrafted skincare products and hand poured candles

  • Haitian Gold cosmétiques makes beautifully handcrafted skincare products and hand poured candles. All the skincare products are made with the precious jewel of the Caribbean--castor oil.

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Terra Oils | As seen in GQ

  • Terra Oils is dedicated to providing effective and quality hair products. Specializing in organic herb-infused products catered to your hair needs, all while helping you build a healthy hair lifestyle in the process.

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She Is Royalty | Royalty within every queen

  • Makeup brush, eyelash strips, and beauty tools crafted to enhance your royalty here to remind every Queen that She Is Royalty.

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Bliss and Sass | Rose quartz beauty tool

  • A beauty care brand designed to support self care needs offering Rose Quartz beauty tools and simple skin care products.

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Honey Hair Scrunchies | Luxury scrunchies

  • Hand made natural hair friendly scrunchies with high quality fabric, patterns, and designs. Making this scrunchie perfect for your everyday use.

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Mélangée New York | Lux streetwear

  • Mélangée New York is a luxury streetwear brand blending and combining all fashion trends while adding in our signature New York style.

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JUT Company


  • A high fashion luxury brand that sells clothes and accessories to increase confidence in everybody, in every size.

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Shop Laura Charles

  • Luxury online boutique curated for women who wish to elevate their femininity through fashion pieces

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Bougie Bargains

  • Quality vintage clothing curated by a fabulous mother, daughter duo!

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Tags By Marvel

  • TagsByMarvel, by Mistah Marvel, brings creativity, individuality, and attitude to apparel with high quality products that speak to and for creatives. Started in 2019, the line launched The Dept. of Dope with "If You Think I'm Dope You Should Tell Me" T-Shirts and has since expanded to more visual designs such as the all-new "Give Me Space" Bomber Jackets.

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Survivors Only

  • Survivors Only is owned by Plus-Size Burn Survivor Julie S. who believes that everyone should be comfortable in their skin no matter the scars or size they carry. Shop swimsuits and much more.

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Dose of Mi | Look Good, Feel Good

  • Dose of Mi is an online women's clothing boutique that carries sizes S-3X accessories and swimwear. For the woman who wants to look good and feel-good no matter her size.

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Arielle’s Placard | Tailored to the princess in your life

  • Children’s clothing and accessory firm tailored the princess in your life radiating through her wardrobe as she conquers the world one outfit at a time.

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Kòmsi Like | Celebrating Haitian women

  • Kòmsi Like is a lifestyle brand on a mission to celebrate Haitian women and create more positive representation of us within our community and worldwide through our t-shirts and jewelry.

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Saved By Grace | Faith Based Graphic Tees

  • Faith based graphic tees geared toward fashion

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Diverse Pride | Cultural graduation sashes

  • Diverse Pride helps graduated celebrate their accomplishment as well as acknowledge their familial and cultural lineage.

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87 Treasures | Lifestyle brand

  • 87 Treasures offers T-shirts, tote bags and small canvas pouches each displaying various designs to help celebrate every day life and milestones.

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Chic Empire Boutique |Multiple sense of style lovers

  • Chic Empire is for the fashion lovers who love to dress and have multiple sense of style.

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26) Bel Ti Boujique | chic fashion, individuality, & your everyday look

  • Bridging the gap between chic fashion, individuality, & your everyday look at an affordable rate. Bel Ti Boujique adheres to the concept that style is an art of unspoken words, providing the ability to express oneself. "Everyday you make a first impression" we serve to ensure it makes a statement.

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Jadore Sunshine Boutique| Jadore Beauty shines everywhere she goes.

  • Jadore Sunshine Boutique provides clothing for the woman that illuminates the room. The head turner, for the woman who are the light shining everywhere they goes.

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Mimi's Boutiq | Catering to Plus sized women

  • Shop Mimi's BoutiQ is an online store that caters to Plus-Sized women and beneficial to the masses while keeping the wallets thick. This comfortable, chic and fun to wear line is open to all women with curves. Making women feel confident and proud to be themself and to be a thick Madame.

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Food and Beverage

Bayard Royal | Infused Cakes

  • Bayard Royal is a spirits cakes company based in the beautiful city of Montreal Quebec Canada.

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Bwason| A sip of Haiti

  • Bwason is a craft cocktail business serving up Caribbean inspired cocktails and transporting customers to a tropical oasis! We endeavor to make your life easier by providing ready-made cocktails that are bottled fresh to each order.

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Tati's Sweet Treats

  • Tati’s Sweet Treats is a dessert shop that creates Bundt cakes in many delicious flavors including: Cremas, Rum, Pistachio, Rum Raisin, Lemon, Piña Colada, Pumpkin, Apple Cider, Peach Upside Down and Pineapple Upside Down. 🇭🇹

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bks Harlem | Savory and Sweet

  • We are a NYC based catering and small batch hot sauce company. Our original hot sauce has had raving reviews since we started in 2020. We also sell Cremas seasonally.

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It’s Seasoned™ | Seasoning company

  • It’s Seasoned™ is a seasoning business dedicated to providing individuals with some the ingredients necessary to prepare delicious meals without compromising their health. Providing ingredients in the form of seasoning blends and ensuring that meals are seasoned with health in mind: NO MSG, NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes.

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Cremas Absalon

  • A drink company creating newer ways to showcase Haiti’s popular cream liqueur beverage. Since its conception, they have developed Cremas, Cremas Ice Cream, and Cremas Coffee Creamer.

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His Black Book

  • A holiday gift that will linger into the new year. Build your own Holiday Candle Package. You get 3 candles that are 4oz each. Choose three scents and customize your labels with our design options. You can also add a Holiday greeting card if you're sending the candle package as a gift.

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L'arôme Fragrances

  • Candles With Class and Beautiful Aromas

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Ricardo & Co.

  • Handcrafted Candles grass rooting itself to the top.

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The Coconut Tree

  • The Coconut Tree creates a wonderful scent blend of candles. Each candle order comes with a heritage card that will discuss an event, person or tradition unique to Afro Caribbean culture.

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Janica Marcelle Collection

  • Luxury candles made with 100% soy wax hand poured.

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Kay Mero

  • We are luxury scented candles company, based in Seattle WA

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WithLovePromise | Natural and Luxurious

  • WithLovePromise sells luxurious scented candles that are all handmade and natural.

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The Violet Effect | Coconut Wax Aromatherapy

  • The Violet Effect Candle Co. is all-natural, hand-poured, coconut wax aromatherapy candle boutique made with clean, simple ingredients that inspire love, light, luxury & sustainability in everyday life. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches and consciously crafted using a coconut vegetable wax blend and a natural hemp wick coated in beeswax, for the most sustainable, healthy & luxurious option on the market. We use a blend of the purest high grade organic essential oils that are guaranteed to take you on an olfactory adventure. Our candles are hand poured into tumbler jars with an eco-friendly bamboo lid so it can be repurposed after use. Our Cinnamon Vanilla Dolce candle has a luxe symphony of warm creamy accords of vanilla and a full-bodied scent of spicy-sweet cinnamon blended together in perfect harmony to evoke the excitement of the fall and holiday seasons.

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Lumiere Rene Candle Company

  • Lumière René is based in Boston, MA. All of our candles are handcrafted with coconut soy wax and high quality, phthalate free fragrance and essential oils to ensure that our candles burn clean and produce toxin free scents. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Each candle comes with a playlist that you can enjoy with your candle.

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Bèl Flame Candles | eco-friendly candle

  • Toxin-free and eco-friendly candle company made with 100% Soy wax candles. These candles are catered to every season of the month.

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Shay Pierre Luxury Candles | Bringing peace in your home

  • Shay Pierre Luxury Candles is a soy candle brand company whose mission is to promote the creation of peace in one's home.

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Kreyol Pale Creole Konprann LLC

  • At Kreyol Pale Creole Konprann our goal is to develop products that are designed to help bridge the language gap between English and Haitian-Creole, and ensure that the Haitian-Creole language is passed down from this generation to the next generation.

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  • "My Great Big Interactive Haitian Activity Book" is the book you wish you had growing up. Filled with educational content about Haiti's rich and vibrant culture, it includes detailed and original coloring pages featuring inspiring Haitian figures; Haitian themed puzzles and activities; a Haitian inspired sticker sheet; and beginner Kreyol vocabulary pages-with audio- that are sure to keep your little ones (and you) entertained for hours.

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RaZin Standards | Financial Web App

  • RaZin Standards is a top resource for unique financial insights and simple tools designed to assist you in prioritizing and advancing your goals while leading the quality lifestyle you deserve. The RZ Life Planners provide one place for you to organize and manage every aspect of your busy life! They are designed to uplift you, encourage your creativity, and hold you accountable mentally, physically, and financially. Our signature planners feature 12-months (undated) of content proven to increase time management and productivity.

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Adult Health & Wellness

Dr.Peggy Regis | Healing through herbal medicine

  • Dr. Peggy Regis Robinson is a holistic health care provider with over two decades of clinical experience. She uses her expertise in ethnobotany, herbal medicine and acupuncture to heal, educate and empower patients in the greater New York City area, the greater North Carolina area, and around the world.

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Devoted Health & Healing LLC

  • Based out of Miami, FL we provide massage therapy and health and wellness services.

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Rising From Bipolar

  • Rising From Bipolar is a platform where author and mental wellness advocate, Glenda Lezeau empowers the Black and Haitian community towards mental wellness. Glenda uses her story of living with bipolar to uplift others while also demonstrating the importance of self-love. She supports others through workshops, speaking engagements, and her book, “Letters to My Bipolar Self”. Rising From Bipolar has a signature letter-writing activity based in Glenda's book which guides participants towards writing loving and healing letters to themselves. Book Description for “Letters to My Bipolar Self”: Curl up with these fifty letters that prove self-love is possible despite any odds. Glenda Lezeau has written a wonderful series of letters, documenting her life with bipolar disorder. Discover her powerful expressions of self-love despite her symptoms and bask in the loving, empowering tone of these messages.

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VagEsteem | Create safe and fun spaces

  • VagEsteem is a workshop series and podcast started in 2014 to create safe and fun spaces for folks to have courageous conversations about love, sex, and everything in between. Our t-shirts, buttons, stickers, jewelry, and totes further the message of having pride in our bodies and sexuality.

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Satin Kiss Enterprises | Pleasure Products

  • Satin Kiss helps people lead healthy, happy sex lives! Providing body-safe sexual health and pleasure products, personal shopping assistance, 1-on-1 and couples' consulting, workshops, and our signature product parties. While ALL are welcome, Satin Kiss specializes in helping women, BIPOC, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and the differently abled. Satin Kiss is certified as a Community Sexual Health Resource by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.

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Shoes, jewelry and accessories

SIS | Glamour meets fashion

  • SIS is a leading women’s premium handbags and heels brand that combines elegance with quality fashion. Their collection has a wide range of choices, which ensures that you will never be short on glamour.

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  • As women, we get caught up in the hustle of everyday life and sometimes forget to pamper ourselves. We all deserve those luxurious touches that accentuate our natural beauty. As a brand, we are all about women empowerment. We strive to remind women everyday not to let life get in the way and stop them from dressing up, stepping out, and making the necessary time for themselves. We sweat the small stuff, so that they don’t have to. PNRtheBrand brings women a place where they can find unique jewelry and other accessories at a reasonable price.

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  • Building confidence through handmade earrings and accessories.

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Bijou Lakay

  • Bijou Lakay offers a huge variety of handmade jewelry for women. This selection includes earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings and belts crafted by a community of artisans. Natural materials like bullhorn sourced ethically, wood and bones are used to realize those amazing pieces.

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  • NURILENS is a handcrafted wooden eyewear company with blue light blocking lenses in each pair of eyeglasses. We combine fashion + function + purpose by celebrating identity, encouraging self-expression and impact.

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  • Labootik is an online shop. We will be selling a bit of everything just like the name, phonetically taken from the French vocabulary, suggests.

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Luxe & Royalty Designs

  • Luxe & Royalty Designs is a luxury women’s fashion label designed in the US and produced in Europe with exclusive luxury, genuine leather materials from Italy. This brand was designed to aim at providing women of all background, the ability to slay in luxury without slaying their wallets!

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Mel's corner | Comfortable accessories

  • We are a Handmade workshop here in Haiti, we make stylish, comfortable accessories mostly beaded, bags, necklaces, sandals, etc.

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V.BELLAN | Gender-neutral jewelry

  • V.BELLAN is a gender-neutral jewelry brand that represents a balance between classic and cool. Designed in Brooklyn and handcrafted with love in New York City, V.BELLAN features custom made-to-order personalized and fashion fine jewelry pieces, as well as a contemporary line, which includes seasonal collections in brass and sterling silver.

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Visual Arts

Art By Ina

  • Orlando based freelance artist that works with mainly acrylic and oil paints to create art that represent real emotions of people that look like me and inspire me to capture their true inner beauty. My products include original paintings, fine art prints, and fine art phone cases. I am also seasonally available to take custom orders.

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AYITI Gallery | Ethical fine art

  • AYITI Gallery is an ethical fine art and social enterprise that reveals, empowers and connect Haitian visionary artists with mindful art enthusiasts and socially responsible investors and companies.

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Merine Art | Creating meaningful art while embodying my culture

  • Visual artist creating pieces and bring memories to life one canvas at a time.

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Home Decor, Stationary, and Office Products

Notes By Tatiana

  • Notes By Tatiana specializes in fabric covered frames, photo mats, artwork, and greeting cards for unique and thoughtful gifts and home decor.

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Touch of Glam Home Decor

  • Touch of Glam Home Decor is a small company that aims to provide fun and customized items for your home and personal spaces.

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Seph Crafts | Handmade Stationary

  • A brand with designer of planners, journals, and event stationery creates ​handmade goal-oriented planners and motivational journals that serve as great tools to keep you on track throughout the year . Created with bright white paper, monthly budget sheets, motivational quotes, and pre-monthly goal prompts, they help you get straight to the point and stay on track to achieving your goals.

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Fleur De Ju

  • Fleur De Ju puts the Forever in Flowers. Enjoy beautiful gifts that your loved ones can keep forever.

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The Authentic Bloom LLC

  • The Authentic Bloom LLC is a lifestyle and multipurpose blog turned small business. Here at The Authentic Bloom we focus on self-care, growth, love and healing while ultimately becoming our most authentic selves. On our site, we sell the necessary tools that can be implemented into yourself care routine. Currently, we have our 1 product called "Blooming in Thoughts Journal". The Blooming in Thoughts Journal is the perfect staple piece in a simple self-care routine because writing is a form of healing.

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Notes of Hope by Sara

First greeting card company in Haitian Kreyol and English

  • Notes of Hope by Sarah is the first greeting card company in the U.S. to offer cards in both English and Haitian Kreyòl. Notes of Hope offers stylish and inspiring cards from your everyday greetings to personal growth cards that you can purchase for a loved one or for yourself.

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Professional Services

Balancing Life & Kids Inc.

  • Life coaching with a concentration on trauma. We help people identify what’s holding them back and help them creating healthy processing methods to push forward and create the life that they’re meant to live.

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Nala's Nails

  • Nala’s Nails specializes in handmade, durable, gel press-on nails. We love minimalist & geometric art, crystal inspired sets, and custom requests. Wear your nails your way.

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La Belle Collection

  • La Belle Collections are for women like me who needed press on nails for special occasion, events, last minute photo shoots, and more. La Belle press on nails is convenient, reusable, and affordable.

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MelissaBStudios | Capturing the essence of individuals

MelissaBStudios is known for capturing the essence of individuals in beautiful portraits that conveys the person's individuality and emotions. Creating visual content for brands, upcoming artists, designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair companies, startup companies, student led organizations, nonprofits, politicians and many more.

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The Conscious Co-Creative Productions LLC or "The Coco Creative" |Creative community

  • Demo reel service and creative community connecting writers and filmmakers to help actors film work to build their reels & portfolios.

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Operation Fearless |Equip, Educate, and Empower

  • This consulting company creates customized plans and coach one-on-one virtually to students, adults, and organizations. They equip, educate, and empower in 3 core areas: financial literacy, college education planning, and career advisement.

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Winter Garden Yard Greetings

  • Start the Celebration in your Yard‼️Custom Yard Greetings are perfect for any occasion. They do all of the work as far as setting up your display and picking it up. You just give them the details and leave the rest to them. They can accommodate you for any occasion.

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This list is just the first of many lists to expose Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses. We hope to continue updating this list but we need your help. Please let us know of brands you think should be included in this list by commenting below.

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