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#BuyHaitian| 50+ Haitian-Owned Businesses to Shop and Gift This Holiday Season | 2022

In the past year we have witnessed a surge of Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses taking to social media to strengthen their online presence, build economic wealth, and closing the United States’ Black–white wealth gap. Despite the increase, there are still barriers to business building for Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses.

To aid in that gap, we are shining a spotlight on Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses you can support and celebrate this holiday season!

Editor's Pick

Aromatic Perfume Oils  | Haitian-owned businesses | Haitians  Who Blog
  • Aromatic Perfume is a handcrafted fragrance brand that celebrates women with long lasting, oil-based perfumes. Our delightful fragrances are alcohol-free, vegan, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic! Our mission is to spark joy, helping people smell good and feel their best with unique scents!

Jaden Timoun | Haitian-owned businesses | Haitians Who Blog

  • Jaden Timoun is a Kreyòl Language Immersion Program for children ages 12 and under. We offer online classes for children and their families to learn Kreyòl through culturally relevant music, dance, arts & crafts and more. Jaden Timoun also recently published a collection of original short stories titled in Haitian Creole titled "Rakontay Vèdi: Verite sou Tanbou nan Jaden Timoun".

Nyella  | Haitian-owned businesses | Haitians  Who Blog
  • Nyella provides luxury wwimwear and resortwear. Offering colorful and unique pieces where women can feel confident and be the main character in their lives.


  • Aeva Beauty is a diverse black owned brand, that offers 100% cruelty free multi-purpose highlighter shades and quality beauty products that's inclusive to all hues and skin complexions, we are all creators, we just need the right products to showcase it.

  • Building confidence for men and women, through beauty products. Their latest product is the Asosi Body and face bar, also known as Cerasee. This face bar helps treat eczema, itchy dry skin, fights acne (face, chest, and back acne) and soothes rashes.

  • WithLovePromise sells luxurious scented candles that are all handmade and natural.

  • 100% natural & Organic non clogging hair butter. Great sealant, leave in conditioner & scalp treatment showing great results for healthy hair. A registered nurse providing all-natural skin/hair health education.

  • Moulate 6 brand desires to align its cosmetic line with the genesis of the original creation of beauty by God. Exclusively created for the modern person. Perfect finishing touches in a variety of exciting, mouthwatering colors, and premium products.

  • Skincare and body care products that’s moisturizing and effective for dry skin and/or hyperpigmentation.

  • London Luxxe is a high quality, yet affordable hair extension boutique. We offer Ready to Ship Wigs, also hair bundles, frontals and closures in various lengths and textures. Our hair is a guaranteed investment with proper hair car and maintenance. Perfect for a night out, vacation, a self-esteem boost, or whatever you feel in the moment. A minimal application process for a very flawless finish.

  • We are an all-natural soap business that provides handmade products created with 100% natural ingredients. Our products are formulated to provide aroma therapy and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

  • Jeune Skin is an all-natural skincare line founded by two Haitian American females from Long Island, New York. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality ingredients in all of our products that give amazing results! Our luxurious skin care products promote ageless, glowing fresh skin. Indulge in our raw, organic, paraben free & chemical free products to unleash your true JEUNE SKIN!

  • Makeup Hour is the NEW Happy Hour! 🥂 Cocktail Cosmetix is lipstick and lip liner brand with a colorful array of options for people of color!

  • Handmade natural Bodycare products bringing black history to our beauty care.

  • Haitian Gold cosmétiques makes beautifully handcrafted skincare products and hand poured candles. All the skincare products are made with the precious jewel of the Caribbean--castor oil.

  • Terra Oils is dedicated to providing effective and quality hair products. Specializing in organic herb-infused products catered to your hair needs, all while helping you build a healthy hair lifestyle in the process.

She Is Royalty | Royalty within every queen

  • Makeup brush, eyelash strips, and beauty tools crafted to enhance your royalty here to remind every Queen that She Is Royalty.

  • A beauty care brand designed to support self care needs offering Rose Quartz beauty tools and simple skin care products.

  • Hand made natural hair friendly scrunchies with high quality fabric, patterns, and designs. Making this scrunchie perfect for your everyday use.


Mélangée New York | Lux streetwear

  • Mélangée New York is a luxury streetwear brand blending and combining all fashion trends while adding in our signature New York style.

  • A high fashion luxury brand that sells clothes and accessories to increase confidence in everybody, in every size.

  • Luxury online boutique curated for women who wish to elevate their femininity through fashion pieces

  • Quality vintage clothing curated by a fabulous mother, daughter duo!

Tags By Marvel

  • TagsByMarvel, by Mistah Marvel, brings creativity, individuality, and attitude to apparel with high quality products that speak to and for creatives. Started in 2019, the line launched The Dept. of Dope with "If You Think I'm Dope You Should Tell Me" T-Shirts and has since expanded to more visual designs such as the all-new "Give Me Space" Bomber Jackets.

  • Survivors Only is owned by Plus-Size Burn Survivor Julie S. who believes that everyone should be comfortable in their skin no matter the scars or size they carry. Shop swimsuits and much more.

  • Dose of Mi is an online women's clothing boutique that carries sizes S-3X accessories and swimwear. For the woman who wants to look good and feel-good no matter her size.

  • Children’s clothing and accessory firm tailored the princess in your life radiating through her wardrobe as she conquers the world one outfit at a time.

  • Kòmsi Like is a lifestyle brand on a mission to celebrate Haitian women and create more positive representation of us within our community and worldwide through our t-shirts and jewelry.

  • Faith based graphic tees geared toward fashion

  • Diverse Pride helps graduated celebrate their accomplishment as well as acknowledge their familial and cultural lineage.

  • 87 Treasures offers T-shirts, tote bags and small canvas pouches each displaying various designs to help celebrate every day life and milestones.

  • Chic Empire is for the fashion lovers who love to dress and have multiple sense of style.

  • Bridging the gap between chic fashion, individuality, & your everyday look at an affordable rate. Bel Ti Boujique adheres to the concept that style is an art of unspoken words, providing the ability to express oneself. "Everyday you make a first impression" we serve to ensure it makes a statement.

  • Jadore Sunshine Boutique provides clothing for the woman that illuminates the room. The head turner, for the woman who are the light shining everywhere they goes.

  • Shop Mimi's BoutiQ is an online store that caters to Plus-Sized women and beneficial to the masses while keeping the wallets thick. This comfortable, chic and fun to wear line is open to all women with curves. Making women feel confident and proud to be themself and to be a thick Madame.

Food and Beverage

Bayard Royal | Infused Cakes

  • Bayard Royal is a spirits cakes company based in the beautiful city of Montreal Quebec Canada.

Bwason| A sip of Haiti

  • Bwason is a craft cocktail business serving up Caribbean inspired cocktails and transporting customers to a tropical oasis! We endeavor to make your life easier by providing ready-made cocktails that are bottled fresh to each order.

  • Tati’s Sweet Treats is a dessert shop that creates Bundt cakes in many delicious flavors including: Cremas, Rum, Pistachio, Rum Raisin, Lemon, Piña Colada, Pumpkin, Apple Cider, Peach Upside Down and Pineapple Upside Down. 🇭🇹

  • We are a NYC based catering and small batch hot sauce company. Our original hot sauce has had raving reviews since we started in 2020. We also sell Cremas seasonally.