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7 trailblazing Haitian creatives to celebrate during Women's History Month.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

It's Women's History Month, a month dedicated to remembering the suffragists, visionaries, and trailblazing women who have fought for equality, along with celebrating the contributions they’ve made to history, culture and society. Here are 7 trailblazing Haitian creatives you can celebrate this month.

Wanda Tima

Founder of the #1 Haitian American Platform, L'Union Suite, Wanda Tima has cultivated spaces for creatives to share their talents while building a media empire. Wanda co-founded “The Haitian American” – a Facebook page reaching over 700,000 viewers weekly by highlighting all things Haiti. With experiences in luxury event planning to being the connector to your favorite Haitian celebrities, give the award-winning media maven a follow.

Paola Mathe

Paola is the founder of Fanm Djanm into a headwrap collection and lifestyle brand that creates sustainably, focuses on community and serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly. Prior to launching Fanm Djanm, Paola spent majority of her career expanding brands through her visual storytelling. Her expansive portfolio ranges from influencer partnerships with American Express, Calvin Klien, and Moet.

Nadege Fleurimond

The celebrity chef has an expansive creative career from appearances in HBO MAX The Big Brunch to being the owner of the best plantain sandwich in Brooklyn, Bunnan BK. Reknowned for developing the first Food journal highlighting Haitian cuisine, Taste of Solitude: A Culinary Journal, Chef Nadege is the epitome of food entrepreneurs.

Shelcy & Christy Jospeh

Shelcy and Christy Jospeh, the Haitian sisters advocating for bringing diversity to the influencer industry at NYCxStudio. The fashion creators showcase their unique style and fashion inspired by their Haitian roots on NYCxClothes. Shelcy and Christy are amazing feed inspiration.

Garihanna Jean-Louis

Haitian-Canadian stand-up comedian Garihanna Jean-Louis is notably known for spreading joy online and in-person at comedy shows like "Le prochain". Keeping spirts up during COVID, she fostered a built an amazing following of over 76,000 followers. From TV to IRL comedy shows, Garihanna has made her mark.

Tico Armand Author

Tico Armand is a multi-hyphenate creative who took her claim to stardom as a model. Her career ranges from publishing children's book The Adventures of YaYa, event hosting, women empowerment, and real estate investing.

Christine Coupet-Jacques is a public speaker and entrepreneur changing the narrative of Haiti. The innovative thinker has a specialty in marketing, communications, and media management. Her portfolio ranges from local businesses in Haiti to international brands. To out serve her community, Christine shares personal growth and financial advice to emerging creatives and entrepreneurs through podcast Madan Jacques.

This list is a representation of 7 of the many women who have made notable impact within the Haitian community. While it is a representation of those who inspire us, comment the women who inspire you!

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23 mar 2023

Love this and how you highlight these amazing ladies ❤️🥂

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