50 Haitian-Owned and Black-owned Businesses to Shop and Gift This Holiday Season | 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

In the past year we have witnessed a surge of Haitian and Black-owned businesses taking to social media to strengthen their online presence, build economic wealth, and closing the United States’ Black–white wealth gap. Despite the increase, there are still barriers to business building for Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses.

To aid in that gap, we are shining a spotlight on Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses you can support and celebrate this holiday season!


1) Cocktail Cosmetix | vegan, paraben free & cruelty free lipsticks

  • Makeup Hour is the NEW Happy Hour! 🥂 Cocktail Cosmetix is lipstick and lip liner brand with a colorful array of options for people of color!

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2) Xandre Skincare | Luxury and Sustainable Skincare

  • Xandre Skincare is a luxury and sustainable skincare brand focused on 100% waterless cosmetics.

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3) KBTS Bodycare| Handmade natural body care products

  • Handmade natural Bodycare products bringing black history to our beauty care.

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4) Karré Beauty | Vegan Skincare that's kid friendly

  • Love the skin you’re in! A brand so natural that some have used it for newborn cradle cap.

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5) Haitian Gold Cosmétiques | handcrafted skincare products and hand poured candles

  • Haitian Gold cosmétiques makes beautifully handcrafted skincare products and hand poured candles. All the skincare products are made with the precious jewel of the Caribbean--castor oil.

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6) Melle Rose Beauty | Enhance makeup looks and styles

  • Products created to help women enhance their makeup looks and styles. They customize hair accessories to pay homage to the Haitian heritage.

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7) Terra Oils | As seen in GQ

  • Terra Oils is dedicated to providing effective and quality hair products. Specializing in organic herb-infused products catered to your hair needs, all while helping you build a healthy hair lifestyle in the process.

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8) She Is Royalty | Royalty within every queen

  • Makeup brush, eyelash strips, and beauty tools crafted to enhance your royalty here to remind every Queen that She Is Royalty.

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9) Soleil Beauty | Ingredients from Mother Earth - herself.

  • Soleil Beauty Co. is a beauty brand providing healing for your skin using ingredients from Mother Earth - herself. This collection consists of goods destined to leave you with a glo like you’ve been kissed by the sun.

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10) Shot of Espresso

  • Shot of Espresso is a small-batch skincare company creating freshly-made skincare products for men and women. Their customizable products are made with a mother’s touch to soothe all skincare needs

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11) Bliss and Sass | Rose quartz beauty tool

  • A beauty care brand designed to support self care needs offering Rose Quartz beauty tools and simple skin care products.

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12) Beauté Luxe Lashes | Lash Jewels

  • Treat your lashes like the jewels to your eyes!

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13) Aromatic Perfume Oils | World-class fragrance company

  • Aromatic Perfume Oils is a world-class fragrance company dedicated to celebrating women and sparking confidence and joy with our high-quality, long-lasting perfume oils.

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14) Honey Hair Scrunchies | Luxury scrunchies

  • Hand made natural hair friendly scrunchies with high quality fabric, patterns, and designs. Making this scrunchie perfect for your everyday use.

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15) Bel Moun Cosmetics | Natural skin remedies

  • This natural skincare & beauty brand is not limited to just skin as we promote the health and growth of the hair with our Bel Cheve hair oil and Harvest Time Beard oil for men. All products are natural. That's no chemicals used. Some common ingredients are turmeric, jojoba oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, tea tree, and frankincense.

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16) Arielle’s Placard | Tailored to the princess in your life

  • Children’s clothing and accessory firm tailored the princess in your life radiating through her wardrobe as she conquers the world one outfit at a time.

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17) ANTHRMAKESHIFTSHIRT | Promoting ethical fashion

  • ANTHRmakeshiftshirt a Miami-based label seeking to promote ethical fashion and remove the stigma around equating thrifting to being poor. Every item is carefully handmade and selected with the intent of elevating your outfit.

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18) Kòmsi Like | Celebrating Haitian women

  • Kòmsi Like is a lifestyle brand on a mission to celebrate Haitian women and create more positive representation of us within our community and worldwide through our t-shirts and jewelry.

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19) Selections by Angie LLC| Loungewear and Sleepwear

  • Connecting women with Black-owned sleepwear and loungewear.

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20) Saved By Grace | Faith Based Graphic Tees

  • Faith based graphic tees geared toward fashion

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21) Eudora | Eccentric Fashion


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22) Diverse Pride | Cultural graduation sashes

  • Diverse Pride helps graduated celebrate their accomplishment as well as acknowledge their familial and cultural lineage.

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23) GOD|CEO | Christian apparel brand

  • GOD|CEO is a women's Christian apparel brand. We represent the believer that is lead by God in life and business. We sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

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24) 87 Treasures | Lifestyle brand

  • 87 Treasures offers T-shirts, tote bags and small canvas pouches each displaying various designs to help celebrate every day life and milestones.

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25) Chic Empire Boutique |Multiple sense of style lovers

  • Chic Empire is for the fashion lovers who love to dress and have multiple sense of style.

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26) Bel Ti Boujique | chic fashion, individuality, & your everyday look

  • Bridging the gap between chic fashion, individuality, & your everyday look at an affordable rate. Bel Ti Boujique adheres to the concept that style is an art of unspoken words, providing the ability to express oneself. "Everyday you make a first impression" we serve to ensure it makes a statement.

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27) VintageJenCo |Carefully sourced vintage items.

  • Carefully sourced vintage items.

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28) Jadore Sunshine Boutique| Jadore Beauty shines everywhere she goes.

  • Jadore Sunshine Boutique provides clothing for the woman that illuminates the room. The head turner, for the woman who are the light shining everywhere they goes.

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29) Mimi's Boutiq | Catering to Plus sized women

  • Shop Mimi's BoutiQ is an online store that caters to Plus-Sized women and beneficial to the masses while keeping the wallets thick. This comfortable, chic and fun to wear line is open to all women with curves. Making women feel confident and proud to be themself and to be a thick Madame.

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Food and Beverage

30) Taliebar | Spirits On The Go

  • Cocktails and mocktails (virgin drinks) on the go.

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31) Tati’s Sweet Treats | Dessert shop

  • Dessert shop that offers delicious cakes

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32) It’s Seasoned™ | Seasoning company

  • It’s Seasoned™ is a seasoning business dedicated to providing individuals with some the ingredients necessary to prepare delicious meals without compromising their health. Providing ingredients in the form of seasoning blends and ensuring that meals are seasoned with health in mind: NO MSG, NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes.

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33) Cremas Absalon

  • A drink company creating newer ways to showcase Haiti’s popular cream liqueur beverage. Since its conception, theyhave developed Cremas, Cremas Ice Cream, and Cremas Coffee Creamer.

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34) L'Afrique Candle Company | Candles inspired by African & Caribbean cities

  • L'Afrique Candle Company offers the perfect candles showcasing the places you dream of and miss the most. Each candle is inspired by African & Caribbean cities, countries and culture. Light your candle, unwind and escape to Haiti, Lagos, Kingston and more. Customize each candle with the scent of your choice.

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35) Bèl Flame Candles | eco-friendly candle

  • Toxin-free and eco-friendly candle company made with 100% Soy wax candles. These candles are catered to every season of the month.

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36) Shay Pierre Luxury Candles | Bringing peace in your home

  • Shay Pierre Luxury Candles is a soy candle brand company whose mission is to promote the creation of peace in one's home.

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37) NstantRemedies | Small batch candle

  • Whether you're using aromatherapy, curated affirmations, or even just a whimsy quote, every candle is designed to be relaxing, restorative and remedial. The vegan, toxin and paraben free candles allow more time for self-care, reflection & relaxation while providing the ambiance and fragrance to fill the spaces in your home.

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38) RaZin Standards | Financial Web App

  • The RaZin Standards Money Management Tool is an all-around financial web application (web app) made for creatives, 9-5 workers, small business owners, freelancers, you name it! This hands-on tool will provide you with a better understanding of your spending habits early on, which will accelerate your journey toward financial improvement and success!

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Adult Health & Welness

39) VagEsteem | Create safe and fun spaces

  • VagEsteem is a workshop series and podcast started in 2014 to create safe and fun spaces for folks to have courageous conversations about love, sex, and everything in between. Our t-shirts, buttons, stickers, jewelry, and totes further the message of having pride in our bodies and sexuality.

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40) Satin Kiss Enterprises | Pleasure Products

  • Satin Kiss helps people lead healthy, happy sex lives! Providing body-safe sexual health and pleasure products, personal shopping assistance, 1-on-1 and couples' consulting, workshops, and our signature product parties. While ALL are welcome, Satin Kiss specializes in helping women, BIPOC, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and the differently abled. Satin Kiss is certified as a Community Sexual Health Resource by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.

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Jewelry and Accessories

41) Mel's corner | Comfortable accessories

  • We are a Handmade workshop here in Haiti, we make stylish, comfortable accessories mostly beaded, bags, necklaces, sandals, etc.

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42) Kalyn Jewelry | Handmade jewelry

  • Creativity has no limit and art has no end, getting into this space of making handmade jewelry is a chance to share their influence on Haitian culture. Promoting a message of confidence and loving oneself in sensitive times. In order to healthily extend the same service to others in their community.

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43) V.BELLAN | Gender-neutral jewelry

  • V.BELLAN is a gender-neutral jewelry brand that represents a balance between classic and cool. Designed in Brooklyn and handcrafted with love in New York City, V.BELLAN features custom made-to-order personalized and fashion fine jewelry pieces, as well as a contemporary line, which includes seasonal collections in brass and sterling silver.

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Visual Arts

44) AYITI Gallery | Ethical fine art

  • AYITI Gallery is an ethical fine art and social enterprise that reveals, empowers and connect Haitian visionary artists with mindful art enthusiasts and socially-responsible investors and companies.

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45) Merine Art | Creating meaningful art while embodying my culture

  • Visual artist creating pieces and bring memories to life one canvas at a time.

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Stationary and Office Products

46) Seph Crafts | Handmade Stationary

  • A brand with designer of planners, journals, and event stationery creates ​handmade goal-oriented planners and motivational journals that serve as great tools to keep you on track throughout the year . Created with bright white paper, monthly budget sheets, motivational quotes, and pre-monthly goal prompts, they help you get straight to the point and stay on track to achieving your goals.

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47) Notes of Hope by Sarah |First greeting card company in Haitian Kreyol and English

  • Notes of Hope by Sarah is the first greeting card company in the U.S. to offer cards in both English and Haitian Kreyòl. Notes of Hope offers stylish and inspiring cards from your everyday greetings to personal growth cards that you can purchase for a loved one or for yourself.

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Professional Services

48) MelissaBStudios | Capturing the essence of individuals

MelissaBStudios is known for capturing the essence of individuals in beautiful portraits that conveys the person's individuality and emotions. Creating visual content for brands, upcoming artists, designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair companies, startup companies, student led organizations, nonprofits, politicians and many more.

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49) The Conscious Co-Creative Productions LLC or "The Coco Creative" |Creative community

  • Demo reel service and creative community connecting writers and filmmakers to help actors film work to build their reels & portfolios.

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50) Operation Fearless |Equip, Educate, and Empower

  • This consulting company creates customized plans and coach one-on-one virtually to students, adults, and organizations. They equip, educate, and empower in 3 core areas: financial literacy, college education planning, and career advisement.

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This list is just the first of many lists to expose Haitian-owned and Black-owned businesses. We hope to continue updating this list but we need your help. Please let us know of brands you think should be included in this list by commenting below.

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