The Caribbean-American Entrepreneur Behind eclectic lash brand | Kishawn Lashes

Meet Kishawn, the Caribbean-American entrepreneur behind the eclectic lash brand enhancing the image of her patrons. We sat down with the beauty behind the brand to get the scoop on owning a lash company as a Black entrepreneur.

Tell us a little about yourself?

  • My name is Kishawn and I’m from the Washington D.C area. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and I’m also certified in Makeup , Lash extensions. I worked in the salon industry for Three years. I work as a lash extensions technician for the two years and counting !

Who Inspires You In The Beauty Industry?

  • I don’t have a specific person who inspires me in the beauty industry. What do inspire is a little bit of everybody such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner , zakiya mills , Michelle Obama and Brands like Uoma beauty , Juvia , coloured Raine , Black opal. Most of all the women in my family inspire me .

How Would You Describe Your Brand?

  • I would describe my brand as Timeless because my brand can make you feel like your in your teenage years No matter what age you are. I want women to feel like Andie in the movie “Pretty in Pink” with a touch of the movie “Girls Trip”. The theme of my brand is “Girls just wanna have fun “.

What Role Does Your Haitian or Black Background/Culture Play In This Business You Have?

  • My background as being Jamaican/ African American plays a big role in my business!! Growing up I didn’t see black cosmetics businesses and also growing up black business owner wasn’t being acknowledged in the beauty industry. Black people are the most creative people in the world so we need more acknowledgment.

Why Sell Lashes?

  • I picked lashes or should I say lashes picked me!! I seen how big of a different lashes can change a person appearance and boost their confidences. I seen lashes make a person feel so good about their self who has Alopecia , Stress , Madarosis, Pulling Lashes , Cancer and etc. False lashes can change a person Natural facial features by just wearing a different style lash. You can gain confidence from false lashes.

Let’s Talk About Your Lash Brand? Talk Us Through Each Lash Set?

  • Every month we add a new lashes set to our kollection.

  • “Rumor” which is a natural and wispy length. Rumor meaning “ lash people talk about all over the Washington D.C “

  • “Caribbean Beauty” which is a long and wispy with a fluff dream. Caribbean Beauty meaning “ nice innocent girl with a bad attitude “

  • “The Boys” which is a full dramatic and wispy lash . The Boys meaning “I have six nephews who gets in to everything but they are so sweet and helpful “.

  • “No Face No Case” is a really full dramatic lash. No Face No Case Meaning “Dramatically change your appearance to make you look like a different person”.

  • “ Entanglement” is our all black waterproof adhesive (glue) eyeliner.

  • “Mermaidium” is our colorful Waterproof adhesive (glue) eyeliner.

  • “The Kit II” Is our lash cleaning kit which has lash cleaner and lash brush.

What Does The Future Hold For Your Brand?

  • The future of my brand is to increase community outreach and increase percentage in sales made with new products/product features. To also build a team with good quality customers service skills. I want to expand my company and have all my products handmade In my own factory . Started my own skin care and then open my own lash bar here in Washington DC.

What Do You Want People To Understand About Your Luxury Lash Brand? How About Yourself As A Entrepreneur?

  • I want people to understand about my luxury lash brand is all of my products I have personally tested on myself and I pick the most comfortable/ Cruelty free products. I have a small selection because I need to test each and every product on myself to give my customers the best results. Most of my customers love my products and says they get 20 wears out of one set of lashes. Me as a entrepreneur I am taking time to look over facts and results of each product. I listen to every customers wants and needs. I’m consistently looking over every detail.

What Advice Would You Give Young Entrepreneur About Starting A Business?

  • The advice I would give to a young entrepreneur is that consistently is the key and never let people make decisions for you. No matter how hard it gets push through it and if you can’t make a plan. Stick to your plan. Their is nobody that know everything about being an entrepreneur the world is always evolving and changing. You should always listen to your customers wants and needs. Always read up on the new trends, your products and business management. Most of all love what you do and everything else will fall in place.

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