Haitian Podcaster cultivates conversations around sophistication and authenticity | Shadey Sanz

The Haitian Creative space is one that isn’t as popular as others. However, there are many Haitian Creatives that are leaving their mark on the world and influencing other Haitians and those in the diaspora to do something different and make that creative dream a reality. Those who are familiar with the Haitian Creative space may be familiar with Haitian Podcaster Shadéy Sanz also known as @cirocobama305 on Instagram. She has been riding the ear waves of many listeners around the world. Cultivating conversations for the millennial listener who yearns for a combination of sophistication and authenticity.

“I want to show the world that we don’t have to pick a side. We are just as much Haitian and American as the natives, we just have a different experience and this generation will be the ones to bring out the best in these cultures. We are dismantling the close-mindedness of our ancestors and we are open to new ideologies while still maintaining our Haitian heritage” Sanz says. Her podcast is a direct correlation to her goal to bring out the best of both cultures. As she speaks to the heart of the young millennial with a brilliant outburst of creole to season the conversation even more. Giving her American listeners a taste of Haitian culture by ear and keeping her Haitian listeners feeling close to home. Using her Podcast to bridge the many gaps the world has set in place. Sanz uses her Instagram blog to showcase and support everything black, but also to bring laughter and humor to her follower’s timelines.

Inspired by her support networks, all people who encourage her to be unapologetically Shadéy Sanz. Lifting up their gifts and talents while continuously pushing her to do the same. Shadéy an avid supporter of creatives, the art, and effort it takes to create, decided to plug herself in where she saw a need. “It just feels like I am trying to make something worth supporting. I feel like I’m providing a space for women to be opinionated and changing the perception of societal norms. Being in this space causes a lot of anxiety because you never know if your good enough or if your audience even cares what you have to say” says Shadéy. With a network of creatives, and the desire to encourage as well as build a community for others, she hopes to be able to continue with the plans she had prior to COVID-19, to host some events and get Haitian Creatives in a space to have fun, educate others on Haitian culture but also enjoy building connections with one another. Even things as simple as getting together to have hard conversations and discuss interesting topics.

As a podcaster, she has her personal favorite Podcasts that she indulges in. All contributing to the fire that lights the flame of her own podcast. “Niggas with Opinions is one of my favorites because it is so authentic. They come up with the funniest, craziest perspectives off the fly, it’s beautiful. Reclaiming My Power is another one of my favorites because it’s a healing podcast. The topics are very much like therapy because it gives you things to think about from the perspective of a black woman who is in the process of healing” Sanz explains. Taking some pointers from the vibe and auditory sound of her favorite Podcaster Joe Budden, she continues to remember her goal of creating something that encompasses everything about Haitian American people and staying passionate in that goal. “ We possess a unique experience and view of the world being in between two different cultures.”