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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

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As millennials, obtaining a passport is the new “hip thing to do”. But, with so many young adult Haitians in the US with passports, it’s astounding that we would opt to visit Cancun as opposed to Haiti. I can’t act as if I have been to Haiti a million times. I do know that I should make more of an attempt to travel there more often and not just to handle family affairs. This is what prompted me to even think to write this article. I am the millennial I speak of. The same traveler that takes the trip to Miami or Vegas for leisure.

As I have gotten older, I have definitely felt more of a desire to travel to Haiti more often. Hopefully when COVID-19 concludes, I can do that. I’ll scratch that and say, I will.

The media depicts Haiti as a “third world hell hole” in the Southern Hemisphere of the globe that has nothing more to offer than mud pies, corruption, and poverty. But there is so much more to Haiti than that. However, even some of us couldn’t name beautiful things besides the language, music and food. But this is a small dive into all the amazing things to partake in when voyaging through Haiti.

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Jacmel is home to Bassin Bleu, which a natural water sight. With beautiful waterfalls to gaze, your adventure begins with a hike to get to paradise.

The Citadelle, one of the 7th wonders of the world is home to one of the largest fortresses in the world. Overseeing Haiti’s beautiful landscape and filled with mounds of history to relish in.

Sans-Souci Palace which is near the Citadelle in Milot, Haiti; was the home of King Henri Christophe I. Here, Christophe was a slave who fought in the Revolutionary War & then became a key in the leader in the revolt in 1804 that gained Haiti its independence from France. The location of the palace before its construction was a French plantation. Now, this ruin has become an amazing landmark that travelers frequent.

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Pantheon Museum is an awesome eyeful underground in the middle of downtown Port-au-Prince. Home to many treasures and artifacts like the anchor from Christopher Columbus ‘s boat & crowns of emperors. But of course, you’d have to see these amazing things for yourself. Like most museums, you can’t take photos in the Musee du Pantheon National Haitian.

Many who know me, know I’m a bargain traveler. The price of a Spirit Airlines ticket and a nice guest home for lodging in Haiti will run you half the price of an entire trip to the Cancun. Clearly, the monetary strain is non-existent. So, what is really stopping us millennials from enjoying the beauty that Haiti has to offer? Aside from the history of turmoil , I can’t think of anything else. While we spend our dollars in Cancun for vacation, we watch the economy of Haiti continue to suffer.

Tourism is a large part of the economy.

With so many travelers worldwide, what a way to educate, showcase, and build up a county, than by traveling to it. So once again, what really is our excuse? Have we adopted the European mind Frame that Haiti is among the undesirable places to vacation? Is it a lack of education regarding places to go? Are we fearful of what may happen to us in our own country of origin? Do we honestly think it’s just an unreasonable trip to take financially because it’s not on Groupon? Let talk about it in the comments.

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