Pageant Queen Encouraging Environmental Impact in Haiti | Ashley Desmonsthene, Miss TransforMe Ayiti

In today’s society, we think of pageant girls as these very privileged ladies who sashay across a stage with a ballgown in hopes to wear a pretty crown. However, these ladies who participate in pageants are hoping to utilize their platforms to enact changes in their communities and across the globe.

Ashley Demonsthene, the winner of the TransforMe Ayiti 2020 pageant, student at Florida Atlantic University studying Entrepreneurship and International Business. She isn’t the typical pageant contestant. She never imagined participating in a pageant. “I was at school and saw the flyer for MTA that caught my attention. It stated the benefits of winning the title as well as the Haitian platform and I was all for it. I prayed for a shift in my life for the upcoming year so I’m assuming winning the title MTA 2020 was it”. Her favorite pageant experience couldn’t be compiled into just one experience. “because of what Miss TransforMe Ayiti truly stands for I would say the workshops and facilitators were one of the essential factors of the pageant that I will not forget. Now as for the actual pageant ceremony, one of my favorite highlights of the day was when Fayola, our pageant coach was hosting for the remainder of the night. She truly lightens up our (my contestant sisters & I) mood after months of preparation and pressure”.