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Mourning Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin: Grieving the loss of a celebrity or someone who inspired you

[SWIPE] This past Sunday, the Haitian community stood still as we experienced the loss of one of the greatest artists that we were all fortunate to share his love for Haiti through his art, Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin.

Haitian Artist Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin sitting in chair
Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin (1981-2022)

Many of us grew up as major Mikaben fans and this loss felt just as hurtful as it being a family member. The question we all have is, how do we cope with the loss of someone we didn't know personally but still impacted us as if we did?

Grief presents itself in many ways. We all deal with grief differently. Here are some ways you can deal with the loss of someone that was very influential to many people across the globe.

  1. It’s normal to feel emotional after the death of someone famous. Even if you don’t know them, you might go through a period of sadness and grief, or feel shock or anger at their loss.

  2. Remember that the person's impact on your life is still with you even if they are gone.

  3. Be aware that sometimes your reaction to a celebrity death may tie into your mourning for someone close to you.

  4. Stop watching news coverage of the person's passing. Instead, devote some time to mourn.

  5. Maintain your regular routine But, seek professional help or spiritual guidance if it becomes too much.

Explore this brief guide on our Instagram and share with those you feel can benefit from

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Grieving the loss of a celebrity

Reminder as you navigate mourning:

🕊 It is ok to mourn

🕊 It is ok to feel unexpected emotions

🕊 It is ok to take time to process this loss.

Being a media platform, we have a journalistic duty to report important news. However, as a mental health professional I have a duty to provide the tools and resources of navigating wellness, grief, and loss too. More importantly, normalizing your experience with grieving someone you may not personally know.

If you or someone you know is in need of a therapist, here are some great places to start:

to find a clinician of color specializing in men’s mental health

  • For mental health assistance or a hotline in Haiti: Asistans sikolojik (gratis) Rele: 2919-9000

Comment how you've been managing with this groundbreaking news, if it helps you grieve mindfully.


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