Meet the Post Grad Life Coach, Tamara Luma

Post-graduation depression can be a time of confusion and uncertainty as many struggles to understand the next steps for their life. Tamara Luma found herself in the same boat. As a now successful postgrad life coach, she is on a mission to help post-graduates navigate their lives through financial and mindset coaching.

Tamara lived in Haiti until 13 years old. As the oldest child of a single mother, starting over in the U.S didn't come without adjustment. Earning a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and a minor in Biology from FAMU as a 1st-generation graduate, she experienced post-graduate depression when life after graduation did not meet her expectations.

Determined to pave her way to success, Tamara switched her career path and her mindset. "I attended financial boot camps, took relevant courses, and followed inspirational individuals. I shared my applied knowledge on social media, and followers reached out. I was consulting followers for free until my business coach expressed the value of my skills." Tamara says.

Tamara never planned on becoming a postgrad life coach. On her 25th birthday, she posted about her wins in the market and her credit score, and one of her friends reached out for coaching. "After coming up with a financial plan to help her, she suggested the name, and I noticed there were no coaching services targeting post-graduates."

Tamara's services ensure that post-graduates will be able to maintain a balanced financial lifestyle. "I offer growth mindset, postgrad financial coaching, and credit score services. Growth mindset guides a client from a fixed to a growth mindset and maintaining healthy financial behavior. Financial postgrad coaching entails budgeting, growth mindset, and credit repair. I also offer credit score services." Tamara says.