Meet Gayhanna Laurent | Canadian Beauty YouTuber and Blogger dominating the natural hair industry.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Growing up in Haiti and then later moving to her forever home of Canada, becoming an influencer was never really in the plans for Haitian Instagram beauty influencer Gayhanna Laurent. “I really only started my hair page as a means of documenting my hair progress. I was going through a natural hair journey and started taking photos because I wanted to see how what I was doing was either helping or hurting my hair. It was just a means of documenting. Before I knew it, people began reaching out asking for help and tips with their hair. Things took off from there. It was really interesting to see how I became an influencer when I didn’t actually intend to be.” Her Instagram page @curiozite, which showcases a bubbly and lighthearted personality, also allows her to appeal to other women looking to start their own journeys or who are living vicariously through her and enjoying her journey. “I love being able to help other women enjoy their hair and try new things. What people don’t realize about me is that I am pretty introverted. I am quite shy. So, interacting on my Instagram gives me an opportunity to step out of my shell.”

Gayhanna is a social worker by day and an influencer by night. “I don’t think many people realize I actually attended college and have a real career. People sometimes think that influencing is all that there is to me but, I am multifaceted. I use influencing as an escape. On a daily, I see and encounter a lot of things that can a lot of times be emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. My social media presence is like an alter ego, it’s an outlet for me.”

Gayhanna is used to hard work. She attended university and began working in a field that is demanding. But, as she began to do more influencing on her page, she realized it’s harder than what she expected, juggling the two. “I never imagined being an influencer, but I also never really knew it took so much work. It’s almost like a second job at times. I go to my day job and come home and get on my computer and begin editing while eating dinner and shooting content. It’s hard but it’s really fun. I get to be creative, something I don’t get to do in my daytime job, but I also get to touch people in a different way and make new connections with people I would have never met otherwise.” Connecting with people worldwide has been something she has been her favorite part of her influencer journey.

“I am a normal person, despite being an influencer. I know a lot of times people think influencers are these super popular famous people, but I am a regular girl from Haiti. Don’t be surprised if you see me in Montreal with sweatpants on and no makeup. I am your neighbor, your friend, your coworker, I just happen to be an influencer too.”