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Konpa in Nola 2022 Recap | Destination Konpa

The 2022 Konpa in Nola presented by Destination Konpa attracted more than attendees in New Orleans for its annual trip to the city of Jazz. From the cultural excursions to the parties, there’s a bit of withdrawal now. I’ve been to Nola before and it is always a vibe, but Konpa in Nola made New Orleans truly a sight to see. Here are 4 reasons you should attend Konpa in Nola next year.

Alan Cave at Konpa in Nola 2022 | Destination Konpa
Richard Cave at Konpa in Nola 2022 | Destination Konpa

1. Music and Entertainment

The weekend kicked off with a meet and greet of major media personalities like Guy Wewe, Carel Pedre, and Ayiti Biyografi. These people have such a great insight on making changes in the Haitian community and pivoting the representation of Haiti through the media. As a media personnel, this meet and greet was historical. Let’s not forget the amazing performances by Haitian entertainers like Kai, Ruthshelle, Enposib, and more.

2. Themed Parties

Imagine pulling up to Nola with nothing to do. Not with Destination Konpa. Everyday there was themed events, and I was here for it. The first themed party was the Masquerade Ball, a night of eloquence, great musical performances, and just vibes. My favorite themed experience had to be the Blanc and Rose party while on a swamp and boat tour. We traveled through the historical and murky waters of Louisiana as the littest DJ’S kept us hype the entire experience. Just when we thought we would rest, it was on to the next celebration.

3. Culture

My favorite experience had to be the excursion brunch! We got a cultural tour of Louisiana where we learned about our ancestor’s contribution to the US Louisiana’s Purchase. Nothing could beat the experience of being amongst like-mined peers and learning about Haitian’s contribution to the development of American history. We had the chance to explore the city in a carnival like experience called Rara Vibes. Rara vibes had our favorite traditional Haitian music blazing through the drums and trumpets of a Rara band. We had the city lit as Haitian rara filled the streets.

4. Fashion

Konpa in Nola is truly an amazing experience to walk into because you are surrounded by Haitian elegance, the gastronomy of Haiti, amazing style, and musical geniuses. It’s simply melanin magic. I am so excited to see what they bring next year.

Planning to go next year. Let us know in the comments below.

Destination Konpa is a cultural destination event planning company creating a customized travel experience for world travelers in the Caribbean community. They’ve provided innovative and inspiring experiences for Caribbean travels from international hotspots like Dubai to USA’s best city to visit, Las Vegas. Managed by Modernique and Co, Destination Konpa continues to be the premier travel experience merging the influence of Haiti into each stop. For more information visit the Destination Konpa Page.



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