Haitian Fashion Blogger and Event Curator On the Art of Fashion | Merline Thermora

Fashion is a worldwide language that is appreciated by every person’s eye. Bringing together cultures and trends that become wearable art. Merline Thermora, also known as @simplymimi_7 on Instagram, is one of the Haitian fashion bloggers and curators that is taking over the scene.

Merline Thermora realized her love for fashion as a child in her home country of Haiti. Excited for “Journee de couleur,” which is one day out of the month where students could dress down and not wear uniforms to school. “I couldn’t wait for that day to come. I used to dream about what I’m going to wear and stressed my mom about making sure she takes me shopping weeks prior to getting the perfect outfit because I had to stand out,” Thermora said. The love for fashion that sparked as a young child continued to grow, enabling her to find the art in any piece she finds. Allowing her to shop just about anywhere and come out with an amazing outfit to showcase.

Being Haitian has given her much inspiration to create moments with pieces of clothing and has provided a rich culture for her to pull from. With fashion being a universal language, she can connect with others worldwide while providing her viewers with an authentic story and experience. But her fashion and curating is more than just that; she aims to utilize her talents to provide others with opportunities to learn and connect. In doing so, she has curated events in the form of brunch and learns that provide attendees an opportunity to learn from panelists, look fabulous, network and have fun with one another. As well as creating opportunities for designers to showcase their designs. As an 8-year veteran on the curator scene, she wants to encourage others to utilize their talents and show the world what they can do. “Being a woman in the fashion and curator industry feels like being a woman in every industry. It’s great, but I must work harder because I am a woman, and two, it’s just not easy at all putting your work out there without knowing for a fact you will have to deal with the bad storms that come with the business. I am an example for others to follow. I want my work and my brand to speak for themselves. I want people to know the minute they walk to my event or see my blog to say, oh yeah, Mimi is behind it. That Mimi is a woman, a Haitian Woman,” Merline says.

Through her art of fashion, her Instagram blog, and curating, Merline aims to tell her story. “One of the main reasons why I love blogging is because, not only do I talk about fashion as in what I’m wearing and how to wear it. But my clothes and my photos always have a story behind them. I like for my readers to have a visual. Anybody can read and write about fashion and the latest fashion styles and trends, but sometimes, the best way to keep your readers interested is to tell them a story, something that will keep them interested in learning more about you and your fashion,” Thermora says.

Gaining inspiration from her mother, who always made statements through her fashion choices, she has learned to go after even the scary things. Allowing yourself the opportunity to accomplish the things that seemed extremely difficult. Those are the stories she tells through her blog, personal life, and work. Encouraging all that are watching to do the same thing.

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