Everything matters: Mental health check-in during social distancing

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

By: Dashana Compere

All people think. Some positive and constructive while others negative. Thoughts are what makes the world go around. Every cooperation ever created, every building ever built, every cure for illness started with one thought. We can even go as far to say, what you think is what you become. Therefore, everything matters. Could it be that our physical state depends on the way we process things? Why is it that some of us are happy while others are sad? Why is it that some are healthy and others are sick? We often shy away from expressing our thoughts. It’s important that we acknowledge the changes that are taking place in the world, and the effects they have on our mental wellbeing. 

It’s no secret that the last three months have changed everyone’s life in some way or form. The words “Social Distancing” have become the topic of discussion. The Coronavirus has caused people to lose their jobs, opportunities, and most importantly loved ones. While trying to adapt to what seems to be the new normal, protest synced in due to many African American brothers and sisters losing their lives. Meanwhile, we all are watching and internalizing that which we have acknowledged as true. Regardless of what the conditions are, we must challenge ourselves to maintain a healthy and whole mind.

A mental health check is crucial at this present time to bring awareness to what is manifesting internally. Social distancing or isolation can poorly affect one’s mental health. The idea of no social contact may bring forth the feeling of loneliness. Keep in mind, being alone and loneliness are two different things. One may choose to be or live alone and thrive. However, when someone’s social needs are not met, that can increase their chances to feel isolated. Someone may be in a relationship and still feel lonely. For example, if there is poor communication, misunderstanding, lack of care- all those factors can play a role in loneliness. It is absolutely necessary to do a mental health check while exercising social distancing. Bring attention to your thoughts, feelings, mood, even behavior. Pay attention to how you talk to others, are you agitated, calm, fatigue, anxious, restless. These are all things to consider. The best time to evaluate all of the above is while practicing physical stillness. Encourage yourself to learn the art of meditation. In addition, be mindful of what you eat. Studies have shown that diets that are high in sugar, refined carbs and processed foods can alter memory and learning abilities.

Lastly, talk to someone- a friend or a professional. It’s okay to talk about your thoughts and feelings. Express whatever emotions you are dealing with. Find comfort in being uncomfortable. Stay positive. Things will get better.

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