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Editors Pick: Top Fall Fashion Staples to Shop 2022

Summer is over and gone are the days of blazing hot sun rays glistening on our skins. Steamy, sultry nights and of course the outfits that accompany them. We all know how summer fashion hits differently. The bright bold colors, skintight sexiness, and lightweight fabrics softly draping our silhouettes, must now retire in our closets till next year. Don’t fret though, because fall fashion is just as fun. It’s still warm enough to show skin, but cool enough to have fun with layering your clothes.

The wardrobe possibilities are endless in the fall. But to help build out and curate the perfect outfits, you’ll need a few key items to set the season off right. Yes, we all know every season has its trends, but too many trendy items in your closet can be a bit tacky. If you really want to strut in style, there are a few principal items you’re going to need. I’ve curated 7 shoppable fall fashion staples, every woman needs in their closet. Let’s explore shall we!

Boyfriend Blazers

Awe, the beloved boyfriend blazer. This classic item is a must in your closet this fall. It helps to create a beautiful balance, when paired with a short or tight item.


Every woman needs a Catsuit in her arsenal. It's flattering to the figure and versatile enough to be paired many ways. The color options are also endless, but I’d stick to black and neutrals for fall.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets added to any wardrobe immediately sets you apart from the crowd. It’s cool enough to be edgy yet still can be worn to be chic. They also come in many great designs.

Chunky Boots

This may be a bit trendy for some but hear me out! This fall switch out those tall dainty stiletto boots for something more comfortable, like the chunky sole options.

Cardigan Sets

Co-Ord sets immediately screams put together and effortless style, as well as endless styling options. But make it a cardigan set and you are good to go this fall.

Canadian Tuxedo

A denim-on-denim look is the ultimate classic style. Instantly people will see you as a stylish little diva. Just dont pair this look with a denim hat and shoes, then you’ll be doing too much.

There you have it folks, a roundup of Top Fall Staples to Shop This Fall. All items pair very well together. For instance, you can rock the catsuit with the bomber jacket, or the cardigan set with the chunky boots, and if you want to break apart your denim look you can layer on the oversized blazer. All items are shoppable, so happy shopping! Let us know in the comments what you’re rocking this fall.



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