Black Children need to see representation in their toys | Fusion Dolls

We have noticed a common pitfall within Black communities and that starts off with the toys we provide our children. We sat down with Widline of Fusion Dolls, A Haitian-Owned brand hand stitching multicultural dolls, to learn more about her brand.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Widline, Many knows me by Angel.  I moved from the US in 2002.  Growing up in Haiti I did not have Black Dolls. I remember that I really wanted my hair straightened.  I even  managed to perm my hair at the age of 9 without my mothers permission.  It wasn't until I got older that I really Started to embrace my hair texture. 

I noticed a common pitfall, the toy industry needs more representation. This is where Fusion Dolls come in. We hand crafted dolls that represents our kids. From our dolls hair texture to their skin complexion. We create handmade dolls with the help of local seamstress. This our way of helping the community.

Why did you decide to start this brand?

I started my brand because there was a lack of representation in the market for our kids.

What does Fusion Dolls Mean to you?

I had a brand before Call Fusion 509. Since then, I decided to add dolls.  Looking at Haiti's History really lead me to my brand name Fusion Dolls.

What is the mission of Fusion Dolls?

Our mission is to spread diversity awareness and encourage our kids to love themselves inside and out.

How can people purchase?

They can go to our website to purchase our dolls.  We are also on Etsy.

You can also donate a doll to us.  Last month we had of 15 customers donate dolls to help us bring 100 dolls to a local kids shelter in Boston. By visiting our website, you will learn more about our philanthropic ventures.

Due to the success of her brand, she has been able to really dive into her hobbies of dancing, eating, and connecting with her family and friends. She has developed a keep interest in learning new dishes to cook so she can share there with her family and friends.

Widline says, if she was not the CEO of Fusion Dolls, she would be making her mark in this world servicing children as a Social Worker in Boston.

Where do you see your brand in 5-10 years?

I see us partnering with big buck companies like target, Macys and be able to ship worldwide.

What advice would you offer a new entrepreneur?

I would encourage them to:

1. Start somewhere! Don't wait for you to have everything together, just start. Things will come together.

2. Make connections! Keep making good connections and reach out to people, they don't bite. If someone says "no" to you, that's okay. Keep reaching out and keep following your calling.

3. You will have people who don't believe in your dreams but don't let them bother you, use that as your motivation.

4. Do not compare yourself to others. You have your own gift, your own path, your own journey, you are you own competition. 

5. Keep good people in your circle.

6. Make a vision Board. Write down your goals, keep working on them.

7. Join an accelerator program. They are really good and you will learn so much. 

8. Join your local chamber of commerce they are also helpful.

9. Take classes online and keep learning.  Little by little you will get there. 

From natural kinks to wavy curly, these doll serve as representation for all people. Shop Fusion Dolls and bring representation to life for your children and future generations to come.

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