Black Children need to see representation in their toys | Fusion Dolls

We have noticed a common pitfall within Black communities and that starts off with the toys we provide our children. We sat down with Widline of Fusion Dolls, A Haitian-Owned brand hand stitching multicultural dolls, to learn more about her brand.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Widline, Many knows me by Angel.  I moved from the US in 2002.  Growing up in Haiti I did not have Black Dolls. I remember that I really wanted my hair straightened.  I even  managed to perm my hair at the age of 9 without my mothers permission.  It wasn't until I got older that I really Started to embrace my hair texture. 

I noticed a common pitfall, the toy industry needs more representation. This is where Fusion Dolls come in. We hand crafted dolls that represents our kids. From our dolls hair texture to their skin complexion. We create handmade dolls with the help of local seamstress. This our way of helping the community.

Why did you decide to start this brand?

I started my brand because there was a lack of representation in the market for our kids.