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Interview with Berwing Fadeau, DJ, Producer in 2021

Berwing Fadeau, who goes by stage name, KatchUp, created a new genre of music, Ayimove, in hopes of promoting Haitian music worldwide. From assisting his dad at DJ gigs growing up to recording his first single, "Vini" in 2020, KatchUp has been working his way up in the industry.

KatchUp describes what it's like trying to make it in the industry as a beginner. "Starting off in the music business with no experience singing or songwriting, no directional push in branding, marketing, and having limited funds, has been the most frustrating. The listeners can be a bit tough and won't give you the time of day if it's not what they are used to."

The DJ, producer, engineer, turned singer, and songwriter knows that when he drops music, it has to be of high quality to get to where he is striving to be. "I can't afford to release a song with a minimum amount of effort and expect that song to be the "one" that opens the doors for me. Each song released is a new experience gained. Therefore, my team and I learn the wrong and the right ways to release my music and create strategies for the next song that will help listeners find my music and get them to click play."

Reflecting on his own experiences, KatchUp shares what he has learned during his first year of recording. To upcoming independent music artists, Katchup says to "take the time and thoroughly create a strategy for your first year — create a brand, find the best promotion and marketing ideas for your budget, create content for social media, and create a team that understands and respects your vision."

While COVID placed the craft of many artists on hold, it gave KatchUp time to reflect on the important things in life to him. "COVID allowed me to see the bigger picture, that family and friends matter most, that often when you want something done the right way, you have to do it yourself, and that not having a strategy at the very beginning can be difficult to a career and detrimental to the world as well."

KatchUp looks forward to continuing producing unique music for the world to hear, with his second single, 'Bon Flow', dropping on May 7th of this year. He can be kept up with @itskatchup on all social media platforms and KatchUp on Youtube.



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