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Hey there! I’m Paul Moville, a full-time freelancer, and I'm also running a design studio called Lebel Studio LLC. With more than 8 years in the game, I’ve teamed up with some big shots in Haiti like Chokarella, Alaska, TopTires, BHP Industries, some Haitian businesses in the diaspora like Curls Dynasty, and some personalities like the Miami Clerk, Vanessa Joseph

Drawing from these diverse experiences, I am confident in my ability to provide tailored solutions to meet your business needs.  Check my work here :


Hello Everyone, My name is Régine Théodat, and I currently live right outside of Boston, MA. But for 12 years I lived in Haiti and 2 years in the DR, I just recently replanted back here.

I'm a children's book author and creative entrepreneur, I co-own a children's brand where we make bilingual books, toys, Haitian instruments, and more. Follow us on socials @isseandlo

I love this work, and always open to doing fun collabs, particularly with parents and people in the education space.

Haitians Who Blog

Hello everyone, my name is Josias Jean-Pierre. I am an author, motivational speaker, educator, and an actor. I have been featured in major publications such as LA Wire, Yahoo Finance and been featured with major celebrities

Haitians Who Blog

Hey all,I’m Thanamara. I am a content creator/Influencer based in NYC. I am a Haitian-American working on completing my BA in Education. I am open to paid content. You can follow me on IG & TikTok:yacravetee ✨💋❤️👑

Haitians Who Blog


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