About the award

Founded in 2017, Haitians Who Blog was established to provide a network for emerging creatives, bloggers, and influencers on social media. We established a recognition initiative that started as love and then became the Haitian Creative Digital Awards.

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In 2020, after success with additional categories, the Haitian Creative Digital Awards expanded to also include fashion, dance, food, fitness, parenting, and lifestyle categories, furthering the mission of Haitians Who Blog. Nominees are selected through a public nomination. The voting process is reviewed by a team of esteemed judges. We leave it to the voters to select their finalists. We are proud to celebrate the inclusive and diverse talent represented through our nominees, winners, judges, and the overall Haitian creative community. Visit our past years’ awards, winners.

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How it works

The nomination period starts on November 1, 2021, and ends on November 30, 2021

Anyone can nominate their favorite creative for a category via the nomination form.

Once the nominee is confirmed, they will be considered for the shortlist by a team of judges

Creatives can be nominated to a maximum of 3 categories.

Haitians Who Blog

The winners of the 2021 Creative Awards will be showcased on our website, receive customized merchandise, and receive gifts.


Artist (Visual Arts) - Author/Book - Beauty - Dance - Fashion/Style - Finance - Fitness - Food - Instagram Platform - Lifestyle - Parenting - Podcast - Poet - Sketch Comedian - TikTok - Travel - YouTube - Wellness

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When the judges have finalized their first round of decisions, we will publish the much-anticipated shortlist of semifinalists.

The judges will be making their decisions based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics - The overall image and quality of their platform used based on category (this includes Instagram, podcast, website, YouTube, and quality of content).

  • Writing: Judges will score each blog/platform for its writing style, flow, and readability.

  • Content: Judges will score how a blog/platform topics relate to their niche and the value of the content delivered.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

When does nominations begin.

Nominations take place between November 1st and December 1st, 2021.

How many nominations can I receive?

Creatives are limited to one nomination per user. We do not limit the number of nominations per day. This same standard applies for voting.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate a creative. If the creative does not match the category they are placed in, the judge will remove them from the category.

Can a business be nominated?

We do not accept nominations for businesses (someone selling a product or service) as that is not our target audience for the Haitian Creative Awards.

What are the categories and their definitions?

Author/Book - An individual who created or originated any written work such as a book or play. Beauty - The creative who creates content that covers the best beauty secrets (hair, make-up, skincare, etc) Dance Fashion/Style - An individual that who creates content covers the fashion industry, clothing, and lifestyle. Fitness - An individual that share your best advice, information, and expertise on fitness. Food - An individual who shares recipies and cooking posts. Instagram Platform - A community that serves as a user-generated platform to bring entertainment, news, or public information about the Haitian culture. These platforms specifically highlight the entire Haitian culture in the whole by posting related news, memes, articles and publications on Haiti. For example, Haitians Who Blog is an Instagram platform. Lifestyle - An individual who shares personal stories or videos or curated content about the world around them on social platforms (beyond stories) Parenting - An individual who shares information about parenting. Specifically mom and dad bloggers. Podcast - An individual or group of individuals who produce audio discussions on a specific topics in their niche industry. Poet - An individual who writes poems. Sketch Comedian TikTok Travel YouTube Wellness Visual Arts

When does nominations end?

The deadline for nominations is November 28, 2021.

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